Open your eyes, folks

In response to Marilyn Henning’s letter in Monday’s Star implying the Democrats don’t want to take our guns: Evidently no attention is being payed to the actions and words of the party leaders. Biden’s “BINGO” on taking so- called assault weapons, Beto saying we will come after them, Governor [Northam] and the Democrats in Virginia’s legislature attempt to ban and confiscate certain semi-auto weapons and magazines. It’s not a scare tactic, it’s fact. What part of “shall not be infringed” is not understood?

The Democrats’ attempts to run rough-shod over the Constitution are not just limited to the 2nd Amendment. The lies and deceit of Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi trying to pull off a farce impeachment and her ripping up a copy of the State of the Union address show how childish and desperate for power they are. Anyone should be able to see through their facade to realize their ultimate goal is total power over all Americans with “Big Government Socialism.”

Open your eyes folks. Your country and your freedom is at stake.

Allen Boyd

Frederick County

Allen Boyd

Frederick County

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I still fail to see where Democrats are socialists.


They don't even try to hide their socialist stand. Where have you been?

john brown

Vote Blue! down the ballot

restore sanity and decency in this nation


And what part of "well-regulated militia" do you not understand, Mr. Boyd?


All of it. Watch the 2A meeting where the gentleman proposed a Frederick County militia with a full range of training, not just trigger time. Groans and eye rolls.

Doc Samson

Interesting. I'd think you'd be "All aboard!" for that, what with your expansive firearms knowledge and desire to make sure all armed citizens meet your standards for training.

Doc Samson

Just a wee bit more than you or any other Leftist...

From - "The militia, in the classic sense of the mass body of physically able adult citizens, still exists, though state attempts to "regulate" it are actuated through the National Guard nowadays. Is the larger, unorganized militia "well regulated"? Probably not if understood the way the Framers would have: as a wide body of the American people prepared to take up arms in defense of themselves and the state.

But whether we currently have a well-regulated militia doesn't control whether or not Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. The ideological background of the Second Amendment, the plain meaning of its operative clause, parallel phrasing elsewhere in the Constitution, and the militia clauses of Section I make it clear that they do. The Second Amendment ... guarantees an individual right to the people, no matter how the federal government chooses to regulate the organized militia."

Not sure if Google has a "Freedom to Fascism" translation, so you might see all this as gibberish...

Spock Here

Majority of American people tend to just left of center or just right of center. Wing nuts and extremeists on both sides should not control what happens. And if they succeed, vote them out. I hope I did this week.


Thank you, Mr. Boyd.

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