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Dr. Andrew White apparently doesn’t consider the fact than drug and vaccine companies also make business decisions. If they find a drug or a vaccine that shows a promise it will go through a business decision (which may take a while) on how much to invest to get more data on its potential. If that investment shows more promise there will be another business decision to invest more and so on for any number of cycles. The drug company is likely to limit investments early on to minimize their risk. As the drug becomes more and more promising the investments will increase. A drug company that finds something that shows promise and immediately starts producing enough for sale is not likely to stay in business long. In general putting large resources in a rush project costs more in the long run than step-by-step.

Enter the government and Operation Warp Speed, which says we will take the financial risk (not the medical risk) and we will pay you to do whatever you can to speed this forward including making facilities to produce the vaccine and producing a number of doses even before it is proven safe and effective because it is so important to have this available as soon as possible.

If we get a vaccine in the next few months it will be record time for a new vaccine.

Allen M. Glasgow, M.D. Frederick County

Allen M. Glasgow, M.D.

Frederick County

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Cannot wait for the anonymous troll squad to attack this doctor, too...


Biogen did something similar in the 1990's for their beta interferon drug. They built the plant that produced the drug for clinical trials and designed it to a production scale. Once they got FDA approval, they were able to hit the road running.

One business decision that drug companies are wary of is short circuiting the clinical trial and approval process and ending up with a giant liability problem if things go pear shaped because of the rush.

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