Our present presidential (political) debate formats are nothing but juvenile quarrels between two people trying to talk over each other. It does nothing to make our political system and our politicians look like mature adults debating serious matters for our country. The format for these debates do NOT help to clarify their positions on the issues and provide voters help in choosing a candidate. It is just a verbal raucous.

The ONLY way to have these political debates is to do the following:

1. Each candidate is placed in a sound proof glass box.

2. Their microphones are turned OFF.

3. The moderator asks a question.

4. The microphone is turned ON for one candidate to speak. The other candidate's microphone is OFF.

5. At the end of the time limit, the first candidate's microphone is turned OFF.

6. The second candidate's microphone is turned ON to speak. This candidate answers the same question.

7. At the end of that question, both microphones are turned OFF and the moderator asks the next question.

If the candidates cannot be courteous to let the other person speak, then we must do it for them. Let's make these important debates a real debate of the issues, not a shouting match of who can talk louder.

David McGuigan


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Spock Here

From the Commission on Presidential Debates:

"Last night’s debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues."

But what they maybe don't realize is that dictators don't debate, and don't follow any rules but their own. Even his "prep team" knew and said he was off the rails.

Bernie Mac

What would be the point? Why not just interview them separately? The way I see it, most of the problems with the debates have been the fault of the media and the moderators. The media is left-biased. The moderators are left-biased. The moderators interject when they should not. The moderators are aggressive with the Republican and soft on the Democrat. Candy Crowley helped Obama and Chris Wallace helped Biden. Chris Wallace let Biden get away with not answering pertinent questions. Meanwhile, Wallace pressed Trump about his taxes while asking nothing of Biden about the tax code that he helped write. What we need are better moderators.

Spock Here

Typical behavior of a domestic abuser is what Trump displayed. I guess you like that. Because they always blame someone else too.


Wallace could have also asked Biden about his taxes too, but he didn't need to.

Biden has released his state and federal returns for the last four years.


tHe MeDiA... teh mederaters...

You can't even account for the faults he refuses to. What a sad, obsequious, and cowardly goat you are...

john brown

Wah! Wah! Wah! I guess is better than my guy tRump sucked in the debate.

Doc Samson

@Bernie - Just because the media and the moderator are biased in favor of Biden, how dare you suggest that plays a part in anything! "Bias equals fairness" in the wacky synaptic chaos of the Leftist brain. Just as with all the other "outrage issues", the proof is viewable and verifiable for those open minded enough to look...

Bernie Mac


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