My name is Josh Ludwig, and I ask you to vote for me today for the Board of Supervisors in the Republican Canvass, at Millwood Fire Station, 250 Costello Drive, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A vote for me WILL make a difference given how many votes were decided 4-3.

My opponent promised to work for lower taxes, but he voted for the highest tax options he could. His deciding vote raised your property taxes 8.5% next year, on average. He had an option to support a lower rate to prevent taxes going up.

My opponent voted to increase the meals tax to the highest allowable by Virginia law! This is a terrible decision that will hammer our already struggling local restaurants.

I oppose both tax increases.

My opponent vetoed making county budgets visible to taxpayers. I will vote for full budget transparency, because it is your money and you deserve to see where it is being spent.

I also support Categorical Spending, which my opponent vetoed. Categorical Spending will ensure that money goes where it is intended.

I support acquisition of an emergency radio system that fully meets the county Needs Assessment, at the best possible price.

I support funding our Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stations, which my opponent vetoed.

We can do all this without raising taxes, if we are responsible. If we are not, we will continue to see taxes rise and money wasted.

If you live in Shawnee District, please vote for me today.

Josh Ludgwig

Candidate for GOP nomination for Shawnee District, Frederick County Board of Supervisors

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Trump is a liar and a dangerous man. He and his lying sniveling cowards who grovel around his feet are a threat to our democracy. If you are a patriot you, too, should be worried.


Well, several hours has passed and no answer. To think we would get the truth is a big leap. Would it even be the truth? Republicans have become liars just like their hero the pathological liar who is Trump.

No wonder they threw out Liz Cheney. They couldn’t stand to see honesty and decency when it stared them in the face. She was just a reminder of how far they now wallowing in the sewer of dishonesty.

Come on, Josh, where do you stand?


Well, Josh, you Republican candidates are more than happy to wail about no and lower taxes but we can’t get any truth on who you really are. Are you a believer in Trump’s Cult of Lies and Conspiracies? Do you believe and preach his lies of stolen elections? Do you downplay the attack on our Capital January 6th as a few misguided tourists?

Voters deserve to know who you really are.


Trump Trump Trump.......Always about President Trump. You people are pathetic.

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