The Founding Fathers were intent on not allowing a government to develop in this new country that emulated any other one in the known world. To call that progressive is correct in that era's context. But the word has been corrupted by current politicians to mean control by a growing bureaucracy that is hostile to religion, particularly the Christian faith.

Many people have taken pseudo-science as their religion, they do not want to believe there is a God to which they owe their existence. That is their right.

We now have a "religion" called Freedom From Religion Foundation and other similar groups that do not have a grasp of Christian theology. It is their mistaken belief that Christians wish to compel others to be "Christian" by force of government. The Christian body is a worldwide group of Bible-believing people who have a 0personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship can not be forced upon anyone. Christians praying in public places do not indicate governmental coercion.

To coexist is to mean that Christians have the same rights to demonstrate their faith and live by the constraints of their faith as all others. We are seeing that condition being assaulted every day in courtrooms and media releases.

As a Christian. I know my salvation is assured by the only man who lived on earth, was crucified, died, and raised himself to eternal life, Jesus Christ.

Richard Rorex

E-Edition Subscriber

Apple Valley, Calif.

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Misidentifying the FFRF as a religion simply shows the authors profound misunderstanding of the organizations purpose, and possible a misunderstanding of what a religion is. The authors efforts to ignore religious imposition is also blisteringly wrongheaded. A faith can't be imposed, but religious practices and imposed tithes can and have been historically imposed in a variety of societies and cultures.

Regarding Christian rights, I think the author is misidentifying special privileges being addressed as *assault* and *constraints*. As the saying goes...

"When you are accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression." seems that the author is feeling the pains of equality being applied to Christian privilege.


Excellent, point your words make. I especially like the following: "When you are accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression."


Conservative talk has tried and succeeded, to some extent, to corrupted the word progressive with their negative attacks. There is certainly a place for conservative Christians in America as long as we don’t infringe on the liberties of others. Coexist starts with a “C” for Christian.

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