Our neighborhood is in trouble. A large complex of five multi-story townhouses and an office building is planned for development on S. Pleasant Valley Road as soon as the developers get the rezoning go ahead for their project from City Hall and the Planning Commission.

The complex of townhouses will be located a few feet uphill from homes on Opequon Avenue. The single access point to the townhouses is planned for the intersection of Opequon Avenue and E. Leicester Street.

This is a foolish, rash, and dangerous proposal as both streets link up and intersect with others in our Forest Hills/Shawnee Heights neighborhood. Our streets are extremely narrow, with residents parking their cars on both sides of the street.

This is actually a proposal for accidents waiting to happen (especially to children) and an open invitation to property damage.

The developers and city planners should move the single access point to S. Pleasant Valley Road fronting the townhouses and dismiss the single access point plan for Opequon Avenue and E. Leicester Street altogether.

We cannot and should not let thoughtless, self-serving interests on the part of developers and planners trump our rights to a safe, habitable, worry-free neighborhood.

Kimie Gill


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