In reference to Monday's letter to the editor by Katheryn Uphaus:

If Katheryn Uphaus is correct and support for gun control is at an all-time high in Virginia, it is still a small number of people when compared to the vast number of citizens who are fully against it.

True security is being able to protect yourself in an emergency. Gun control is about taking away the right to protect ourselves and our families. The anti-self-defense crowd have finally admitted what they've denied for years — they DO want our guns and are pushing all kinds of ways to restrict the rights of the law-abiding gun owner.

Sen. Jill Vogel and Dels. Chris Collins and Dave LaRock are indeed not only voting as the vast majority of their constituents want, they are also voting to uphold the Constitution and its protections!

There's nothing wrong with being extreme in the preservation of our civil rights. VCDL is proud to be categorized as an extremist organization, and we fully intend to continue being such!

Philip Van Cleave


Virginia Citizens Defense League

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Except neither Collins nor Vogel stuck around long enough to vote at all. If the vast majority of their constituents are, in fact, against any sort of limitation on any kind of weapon, one would think they’d be proud and happy to vote resoundingly NO to whatever proposals the Democrats put forward. Instead, they fled. Kathryn Uphaus


Ah yes, history rhymes. Jews in Germany were "dangerous", so their guns were taken away as a safety measure.


Ummm.... extremist's.... With guns?.... I could be wrong but you sound just like a terrorist.... Yea I probably would have had a few people proof read before submitting. Good PR piece for your little group though🍻

Mark Anderson

and....the letter went over your head.

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