I was disappointed in a recent opinion piece you published ("The Dems Malthusian push"). It is an absurd overstretch for anyone to perceive the quest for climate solutions as an effort to regulate the size of American families. That is simply not what this is about. Nobody is going to kick anyone's door down and force them to take contraceptives at gunpoint.

Can we discuss the real issues of climate change? It is about how much carbon we put into the sky, which comes from the fossil fuels we burn. This is not news. Scientists have known this for 100 years. Conservatives are invited to propose ways to reduce carbon emissions that preserve market freedom, such as carbon fees and dividends. Changing the topic to imaginary fertility threats may feel good, but it is not going keep Americans under the age of 40 willing to vote GOP. Those younger voters know that climate change is real.

Chris Wiegard


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Exactly. Young people vote


Not that much.

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I am hoping 2020 proves you wrong. We'll see


And the Dems want the dead and illegal aliens to vote too.


Hence why they do not want the citizen question on the census.


Wonder if they would change their minds if illegal alien Russians started pouring across the border?

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Oh, that is so passe, didn't you hear? Now Obama and Hillary pay us to wear different masks so we aren't recognized, and vote at least 25 times. They say if we don't we'll meet a "horrible fate" So, of course we all do what we're told. Yep. Then we have a big ole party in the deep state, celebrating so-do-so-do-mite-eee-mites and millions of unborn babies that we personally murdered. Fun! Vince Foster usually pops in along with Ron Brown.


Vince and Ron probably vote several times each every election.

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