The following is in response to the September 16 Open Forum by Bernard Swope.

Despite climate change deniers’ simple declarations to the contrary, that carbon dioxide is a pollutant is settled science based on overwhelming scientific consensus from peer reviewed research. This has resulted in climate change deniers becoming so desperate that they fall back on the fear and hate generated by unfounded conspiracy theories.

Addressing the public health and environmental impacts of climate change is not a conspiracy for the “nationalization” of the electric power grid, nor to “destroy capitalism,” and nor will it “guarantee economic collapse and billions of deaths.”

David Goodwin

Frederick County 

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The environmental "climate" cult continues to prove that there is no limit to its descent into madness. Never mind the other fact-challenged allegations in this screed, the most insane is the claim that carbon dioxide, a trace (0.04% of the atmosphere) gas upon virtually all life on earth, including human life, depends is a pollutant. Oh, and a note to our peerless commentator from Lake Frederick...even John Kerry has admitted that getting the U.S. to zero emissions would have zero effect on global climate. But, hey, let's keep squandering $-trillions of our nations wealth, $-trillions that could otherwise be directed to solving real-world problems, at this farce so that the pockets of China and other climate industry rent seekers can be further enriched.

Peter Snowfall

You must be anti-plants if you hate carbon dioxide that much.

The real short term solution to power shortages, inflation, and expensive energy is clean nuclear power. The market isn’t ready to be artificially coerced into “renewable” energy sources.


The amount of energy that is going to be required to completely divest ourselves of fossil fuels is astronomical. It will require us to build more nuclear power plants. Solar is nice, but it will not produce enough. Carbon dioxide feeds plants, which convert it into Oxygen, or did you forget that in your biology classes? The deforestation of the Amazon rainforests is upsetting the balance necessary for our planet to sustain life, yet it continues. And if the folks who are leading the climate change drum beat continue to fly around the world on private jets telling the rest of the world to quit flying around the world, then I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of their mouths. Cry about it all you want, but those climate change leaders are raking in big bucks and doing exactly what they tell the rest of us NOT to do. They can all KMA.[angry]


Thank you Mr. Goodwin. Short and to the point.

Doc Samson

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Catherine Giovannoni

Well said. Mr. Goodwin. A move towards green energy will not only help to save our beautiful Shenandoah Valley environment, it will create lots of new jobs. In an article describing how Virginia is pivoting from coal to green energy, The Guardian reports about a young man in Wise County who apprenticed with a crew installing solar panels. "“Around here it’s always been coal, coal, coal, we didn’t hear much about green energy,” said Taylor, who comes from a long line of miners. “This is a great opportunity to learn, great pay, and maybe I’ll be able to stay here in the mountains with my family if solar takes off.” The Guardian also notes that President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act will provide even more benefits for rural Virginia. The IRA provides $369bn for the transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy – a historic investment that scientists estimate will reduce greenhouse gases by 40% below 2005 levels by 2030 and ​​create an estimated 1.5m new jobs." That's a win-win.

Spock Here

A win-win produces nothing but scorn in people who make progress a "grand conspiracy."


All CG spouts are democrat talking points, no facts. But isn't it wonderful to be so virtuous?[rolleyes]

Doc Samson

@Chupa - Notice how they all spew the same verbiage? It's almost like they have no thoughts other than the one's their MSM talking points give them. And heaven forbid they consider any viewpoint that doesn't confirm their bias! Diversity ftw!!! [lol]


Thank you for proving that the only reason people are doing this in coal country is because they are paid to with funny money, not because it's actually efficient or affordable without the federal govt underwriting with more fiat currency and mandates. Funny that you also neglect to mention the dramatic rise of utility bill in other countries that have tried similar failed schemes and are now scrambling to get their older power plants back up before the colder weather sets in.


Well, it's true that wind and solar create jobs. Problem is that the vast majority of those jobs are in China sucking away the wealth of our nation on a boondoggle.



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