For the majority of Americans, the party that controls the various legislators makes very little difference. We are busy raising families, providing for their needs, and working our tails off at an occupation to that end.

It seems that most, but not all, of the elected officials of either political persuasion view the voters as open wallets to pay for their programs and agendas. Over the years the Democrats have been fixated on giving money disguised as welfare to many who are not interested in providing for their own families. When Republicans are elected, sometimes they slow the outlay of tax money, but do not often reverse the trend.

Social reformers really prefer people living in large cities which makes them easier to control. Citizens living in rural areas tend to be much more self-sustaining and less inclined to be swayed by promises of “free everything.” My hope is that when the tax bills come due voters will remember that their votes can and do make a difference.

Even a modest reduction in governmental spending at all levels would be appreciated by the majority of Americans.

Richard Rorex

E-Edition subscriber

Apple Valley, Calif.

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When Stalin sought to "complete" implementation of communism, he had to "break the back" of the peasants in the rural areas. The Bolsheviks controlled the cities, but not the countryside. They needed the grain, so they went out and took it by force. Had the peasants been armed, the story might have ended differently than in the famine that resulted.


Rural areas are more self-sufficient? Have you seen the assistance rates for KY? For WV? For MS? For AL? For KS? How about all those farmers taking Trump's bailout money to offset their loses from his ill advised tariffs? All those folks live in run GOP states.


Red Rulz


Unfortunately the left doesnt care as long as everything is free free free

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