If the NFL had enforced its own rule from the start (and put some teeth into it instead of being afraid of hurting someone’s feelings), the issue of kneeling for the National Anthem would not exist.

Why does the CEO of a major shoe manufacturer take orders from a former NFL player, who is a paid endorser of the CEO’s product?

The “white supremacist” rally in Charlottesville wasn’t violent until the counter-demonstrators showed up. Someone, at some level, must have foreseen that result.

The people of Baltimore (or any city with problems) are in the best position to solve their own problems. More money from Washington won’t help with what ails them.

If Trump isn’t your president, who is? (My late wife always claimed Jeff Davis.)

Charles Hunter


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Why is white supremacist in quotes?

Spock Here

I guess he thinks "Jews will not replace us" chants aren't based on white supremacy...

Spock Here

Oh, by all means, let us harp on about someone kneeling in peaceful protest, while our dear leader wannabee white supremacist, racist, homophobe, paranoid lunatic, who justifies all that pent up anger and hate you probably have against just about anyone not “like you,” tears this country apart. He’s a serial predator, adulterer, mob boss, non-Christian who has broken just about every commandment. That is who is our president


We ,including me, all need to get over all this blame game. Like it or not we are all colors of skin, ethnicity, religous beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. Its real easy for you to blame Trump its all ya got. Some are really trying to look for solutions for all the above mentioned. Look within yourself and move on . Agree to disagree

This is for spock and crt. Glad i could make you laugh with my copy/ paste attempt. I laughed at myself when i went there today. I did leave a comment but didnt know if y'all would see it

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