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The last sentence in my Open Forum (July 8) titled “Systemic Racism Has Not Been Erased” is not what I sent to The Star. I realize what I sent was an awkward sentence, but here is what I wrote and sent: “And blaming one political party, especially the party that most ethnic minority persons believe represents their concerns, for the inequities so deeply ingrained in our nation’s history is unfair and unhelpful.” For some reason there is a typo in what The Star published — The Star removed the comma after “concerns” and placed it after history. That changes the whole meaning of the sentence and the tone of the letter. What I was pointing out is that I believe it was unfair and unhelpful for Mr. Stegmaier to blame one party for these deeply ingrained problems, especially when most ethnic minority people believe the Democratic Party best represents their interests. I wasn’t blaming Republicans. In fact, I was saying both parties have a role in these deeply ingrained inequities and that it is wrong to lay all the blame on one party. It seems singularly unfair to lay the blame on Democrats when it is the party most ethnic minority persons believe better represents their concerns.

John Copenhaver Winchester

John Copenhaver


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Let's eat grandma,


And what has either party done for those ethnic minorities except give them lip service?

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