Shame on Valley Health, Anthem

Shame on Valley Health and Anthem for failing to do their job and negotiate a new four-year contract! In the midst of a global pandemic, the idea of our community being without in-network health care is unacceptable. For decades our community has worked to achieve a world class health care system through agreements with Valley Health and Anthem. Virtually all of our local school employees, government employees, and countless others rely on Anthem to cover medical expenses at Valley Health, which includes not only the hospitals, but most doctors and other services. It is unimaginable to consider that our teachers, who are under extreme stress due to the pandemic, are now being told that their insurance coverage that has been contracted through the school system, and for which they are paying each month, may not be accepted at the local hospital or doctor’s offices. If a contract agreement is not reached, the consequences for the Winchester area will be catastrophic. People will be reluctant to get needed health care, and many will be unable to pay for hospitalizations, resulting in economic hardships. No longer will potential employees want to move to an area where their paid insurance is useless. In this year that medical costs are at their highest, both Anthem and Valley Health are trying to continue being profitable, but, by not negotiating a contract, the health of our community is at risk. Please negotiate an agreement!

Peggy Clark Frederick County

Peggy Clark

Frederick County

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Even more shameful is the fact that the current President and his administration is suing in court right now- during a worldwide pandemic- to eliminate. the pre-existed condition coverage and remove MILLIONS of Americans from healthcare coverage...with NO PLAN OR REPLACEMENT STRATEGY.

Spock Here

He has no plan for anything....I guess we'll have to wait till next year when Vlad tells him what it is


It's time Valley Health starts paying their fair share of taxes. They are using their not-for-profit status to monopolize heath car in this Valley. We all lose. I call on local leaders to stop ignoring this elephant in the room. Think how much revenue the City of Winchester is losing each year.


City of Winchester take on Valley Health Systems???? IMHO ... not gonna happen, VHS has way too much money to fight and would bankrupt the City!


Doesn't it feel good to know that your health is only a function of a major corporation's bottom line? How is that for-profit, self-regulated healthcare model working out for the U.S. now?


Winchester Medical Center Profits:

2000 $11,917,127

2001 $ 4,262,944

2002 $25,868,766

2003 $35,113,921

2004 $46,711,931

2005 $54,346,679

2006 $57,422,789

2007 $66,617,961

2008 $ 9,500,911

2009 $53,757,390

2010 $53,104,420

2011 $62,029,246

2012 $50,522,325



2015 $71,439,119

2016 $58,416,060


2018 $78,884,579

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