Smith offers steady leadership

Winchester needs steady leadership in unsteady times. Mayor David Smith is that steady leadership we need. An accomplished local businessman, David has steered his own businesses through many national and economic crises and David is the right candidate to steer Winchester through our current crises. Look around Winchester and you will see that we have weathered the storm better than most — Winchester is an oasis of civility and sensibility in sea of troubles. That civility and calm is thanks to the steady, calm, experienced leadership we have in Rouss City Hall — Mayor David Smith foremost amongst them. If we have a sea of troubles, David Smith is the man to end them.

When I think of my personal interactions with Mayor Smith, they remind me of the Rolling Stones song: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” David listens to all and is a mayor for all — but David Smith has the courage to listen to you, tell you what he thinks, and make the right decision for the community. David has earned my enduring respect. David cares — deeply — for what our community needs and we can count on him to make the right decisions in difficult times. Let’s keep a steady hand on the tiller — re-elect Mayor David Smith in November.

John Eberhardt


John Eberhardt


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Write-In Vote: Edwin C. Daley for Mayor, City of Winchester! Bring back Ed.....


Wow... Clueless and out of touch!

john brown

Vote Blue! down the ballot

and restore decency to this nation


Earlier this year, Winchester City Council enacted “Standards of Decorum” designed to bar council members from speaking freely with citizens and the press.

Does this sound like a Mayor who listens? NO, just another way to cover up everything that is wrong with City Council.

Here are a few highlights from the new standards that regulate our representatives on council:

1. Do not speak negatively about the city.

2. Ensure that information concerning the property, government or affairs of the City is held confidential, disclosed only with proper legal authorization, and never to advance the financial or other special interest of themselves or others.

3. Forward citizen complaints to the City Manager.

4. Practice civility.

5. Council members will frequently be asked to explain a council action or to give their opinion about an issue as they meet and talk with constituents in the community or the media. It is appropriate to give a brief overview of city policy and to refer to city staff for further information.


I'm sorry but Mayor Smith does not listen, and does not care. If he did, he would have done something in 2017 when the Fire Fighters first addressed their problems and concerns. Instead, the WFRD is now working mandatory overtime and looking to have 3 more fire fighters leave by the end of the year. Mayor Smith was Eden Freeman's puppet. She is now gone thank goodness, and Mayor Smith needs to go as we need a fighter like Bostick who will look out for the little guy, and not the "good ole boys".

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