When will the lack of respect for the dignity of the living, breathing human being end? It seems to be getting worse, especially now with the reign of the Democrats who seem to have no belief that it is a heartbeat that can be heard when you use a stethoscope to the stomach of the mother. That heartbeat signifies life of another human being, and they want to be able to kill it.

We, as thoughtful, caring voters must really think about what we want for our state and nation. Do we want a governor, lieutenant governor and senators who follow what our "Catholic" president advocates — abortion — or do we want to "stand up for life?"

We teach our children how special they are and how special life is and then they turn around and vote to kill babies who could be very special to someone.

Remember that life is special when you vote on Election Day.

Who stands up for life? Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears.

We as thoughtful, caring voters must really think about what we want for our state and nation. Do we want a governor, lieutenant governor, senators, so-called "Christians," who seem to follow what our Catholic president advocates? Or do we want to stand up for life?

Patricia Pearce 

Frederick Country 

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Catherine Giovannoni

Criminalizing abortion doesn't stop abortions. It pushes them into back alleys where the woman is often injured or killed. Countries with low abortion rates teach real sex education to all students, provide free, safe, and effective birth control, and provide a social safety net so that women who do experience unplanned pregnancy can know that they'll be able to afford to give birth and raise a child. If you really wanted to prevent abortion, you'd do the things that have been shown to decrease abortions. Vote for Democrats who will provide real sex education, access to birth control, and a social safety net. Please vote for McAulifffe, Ayala, Herring, and local Democrats.



Doc Samson

Ah, Pr0g logic at it's finest! Funny how you trot that out whenever it's convenient. Criminalizing ANYTHING doesn't "stop" it. Please explain why Dem run communities tend to have higher rates of: unwed mothers, violent crime, and abortion rates... or don't... because you can't.

Intelligent indeed... [rolleyes]

Ken Kovach

Doc Samson,

Your words seem awfully harsh towards the nice lady that expressed an intelligent opinion that, you apparently don’t agree with.

Please explain why many conservatives tend to feel threated by smart ladies. Please explain why Centers for Abused Women tend to be filled with victims of conservative men.



Ken Kovach

Instead of blaming Catholic democrats, alleviate the problem by supporting centers for women, and promoting sex education. Strive for earlier awareness of pregnancy and then go for a reasonable rollback from 21 weeks instead of total elimination of abortion. Then, open your own home to take babies. Electing republicans will just cause more pain and suffering.



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