We moved to the Valley Mill area of Frederick County in 1989. We were told that Va. 37 East would be coming close to our new subdivision. It is extremely sad that we are moving out of state 32 years later and nothing has been accomplished on the Va. 37 East bypass. The traffic on Va. 7, and the surrounding area increases every year, but nothing is ever done about it. We continue to read about proposed road projects that are still unfunded. As I still have family in the area, I wonder when I come back to visit 20 years from now, will I ever see any road construction progress?

On a side note, it is also sad that this area has less grocery store options then we had back in 1989, despite the enormous increase in population.

Walter Johnson

Frederick County

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And since Mr. Johnson has been waiting 32 years, this spans both Republicans and Democrats so we can’t assign blame. Whoa, that’s a load off. 🥸


So it took you three hours to come to that conclusion? You were so quick to place blame on Republicans when it should be squarely placed on greedy politicians as a whole.


I’ve lived here 11 years and have never heard one word about an extension of 37 so the plan was abandoned a long time ago. Below is correct: state road. Good luck in placing blame.


It'd be a State road.... State funding.... Isn't gonna happen.


Mr. Johnson, whom are you blaming for this? I read a lot of griping but no thought as to who failed you or, better, how to fix the problem.

Frederick County is a Republican county. They don’t want to tax to have money for these projects.. If you can identify another source of funds to build these roads, now is the time.


Blackhorsegirl, are you new to the area? Gina Forrester and Lynda Tyler are the ones to blame for the eastern 37 loop not being completed. During their 'No Growth' agenda in Frederick County they were largely responsible for the removal of the eastern 37 Bypass from the Commonwealth Transportation Board's Capital Improvement List after being warned that once removed, funding would be difficult to obtain in the future. These two are also responsible for the rezoning that has given us Snowden Bridge and the Shockey Industrial Park that is now being built across from Rutherford Crossing between I-81 and Snowden Bridge.

Didn't Ralph Northam just place an added gas tax on the I-81 corridor in Winchester/Frederick County? Those funds should only be spent improving roads in our area, but the Democratic controlled General Assembly will be shipping those local funds to Northern VA, the Tidewater area and Richmond area and leaving us in the lurch once again.

john brown

I thought you only answered questions from "named" sources ...again does stegmeir support the Big Lie propagated by the tRump cultists


Quite frankly Jonny Cakes, I don't care about that, so if you want that answer you can ask him

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