Stop the witch hunts

I heard on the radio this morning that they are criticizing, condemning and bastardizing another political figure for wearing a “brown face” costume EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO!!!!

They found a picture of this guy dressed as an Aladdin character in a PRIVATE SCHOOL about digging for dirt!!! They need to just stop the witch hunts. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with this (back then......these days it’s almost unacceptable to breathe....!!), and it was a costume!!! It’s not like he was blatantly going out to bash and make fun of people of color.

If the people who waste valuable time and resources digging for this crap would spend that time and energy on something productive and worthwhile, imagine how much better this country would be!!!!!

Laura Cooper Star Tannery

Laura Cooper

Star Tannery

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It's ok everybody. Liberals can breath now. Since Trudeau said he was sorry, Don Lemon says it is ok.


Indeed...the woke left came up with this cancel culture. Now they gotta live it after its come back to bite 'em on the rear. Funny.


Absolutely wrong. The Left created all these bizarre, sensi metrics to disparage so now that white leftist are falling left and right over their OWN tyranny i find it fitting. LET IT CLEAN THE HOUSE of these liberals. THey deserve it


I like to watch houses of cards fall on their own sword.

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