Thank you, ‘City Hall’ workers

You might not know who they are, but we do. These are the 400-plus men and women who work for the City of Winchester. They are committed to their jobs and their community. They work hard every day to make sure your trash is picked up, your services continue without fail, and you are protected and safe. These people who work for our city are often referred to as “City Hall.” This city cannot function without our city staff, who work hand in hand with each department to get things done. They often have to find solutions to issues that have never been dealt with or help upset citizens with their concerns. But they still persevere in their jobs. Even now, during this pandemic, they are out there doing their jobs, putting themselves at risk, to ensure the city continues to run smoothly. And they have families that they go home to every day, like the rest of us. To say that the city isn’t being transparent is to say that these men and women are out to deceive our community. Not so. They are doing their jobs and following the mission statement of the City of Winchester, “To provide a safe, vibrant, sustainable community while striving to constantly improve the quality of life for our citizens and economic partners.” I want to thank these men and women who support your city, OUR city, every day.

Winchester Mayor John David Smith

He is the Democratic candidate for mayor in the Nov. 3 election.

Winchester Mayor John David Smith

He is the Democratic candidate for mayor in the Nov. 3 election.

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Morale is at all time low with a lot of city employees! But what would you expect from a city council that voted NO to make Winchester a 2nd amendment sanctuary city.


Mayor Smith, Stop trying to deflect the finger pointing at you by bringing the city employees into the discussion. People are not accusing the average “city hall” worker of “not being transparent”. They are accusing the former city management and certain city council members. Specifically they are accusing you! I have read the new city bylaws that you wrote. They are about control. They are about deflection. You and your actions have brought these issues into yourself. Politics can be rough and tumble. If you don’t like it, I suggest you move on.


Ask the firefighters and police how they feel.

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