I want to thank the many people who participated in the Republican firehouse primary election on June 27th that nominated a candidate for Shawnee District supervisor. Among the participants were: 1). The voters, who weathered the heat and fears of COVID-19 to vote at the Millwood Station Banquet Hall; 2). The organizers and volunteers of the primary, including Frederick County Republican Committee Chairman Al Sibert, and the many volunteers who helped run a smooth process; and 3). My two opponents, Kermit Gaither and Elaine Holliday, who ran excellent campaigns. Because I came out ahead in the voting, I will be moving on to the General Election and I look forward to opportunities to share why I believe Republican policies will help to secure a better future for the people of Frederick County than Democrat policies. Again, I am grateful to all those who made the Republican Primary such a success!

Dave Stegmaier

Republican candidate for Shawnee District supervisor

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Stegmaier...what a joke!

Chris 22602

The last thing this county needs is a racist Trump supporter like you on the BOS.


There’s always one disgruntled Richard cranium.

Doc Samson

@gina - LOL! Nice one!

Doc Samson

Please explain how he is a racist.

Chris 22602

He’s a Trump supporter, that’s how I know he’s a racist.

Doc Samson

Oh, that's right. I forget that Leftists are close minded, judgmental, derogatory, and smug about everything they don't agree with. Thanks for the clarification...

Chris 22602

Thanks Doc! I appreciate you proving my point.


I can tell you he went off on a weird tangent last year while we were collecting signatures to be on the ballot. He started grilling me about my opinion on marijuana and proceeded to lecture me how "those kids" will just end up smoking weed out back of the school and getting themselves arrested. His intonation said enough.

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