The editing of my Sept. 9 Open Forum, "Youngkin's 'elephant in the womb,'" left some readers with the impression I was imaginative enough to have come up with such a clever phrase. If the editor had printed my article as submitted, its source would have been made clear, and I would have been spared the embarrassment of explaining it was not original to me.

While watching a Texas protest rally on television, I saw a sign being carried by a protester that read, "WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE WOMB." This was at the time Glenn Youngkin was caught rationalizing why he couldn't do just that. So I used the quote, along with credit where it came from, as a preface to my Open Forum. For some reason the editor chose to edit it out.

Donald Sears

Frederick County

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Out of Youngkin's own smarmy mouth:

"Youngkin was asked if he would “take it to the abortionists,” to which he responded that he was “staunchly, unabashedly” anti-abortion but could not discuss the issue much ahead of the November election." Got it, scam the voters until after the election.


Actually, Mr. Sears, I thought your forum essay had been taken down permanently. Glad to see it there.

Mr Incredible

Only liberals at places like wastebook and twit ter do stuff like that.

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