At the 2/11/20 Berryville Town Council meeting, Mr. [Jay] Arnold [town recorder] objected to wording the mayor used in her report during the 1/14/20 Town Council meeting. He wanted the minutes changed. The mayor acknowledged the error she made in the terminology. A correction was made, voted on and accepted.

Councilperson [Donna] McDonald suggested the mayor's entire report should be deleted from the minutes.

According to Robert's Rules of Order, Part III, Chapter 11:

"Nothing is ever erased from the minutes. Corrections are made in the margin. (If the minutes are double-spaced, the secretary can write corrections above the incorrect information). When material is expunged, a line is drawn through the words that are expunged. Crossed out material should still be readable."

It troubles me that an elected official would suggest eliminating anyone's comments from the minutes.

Marie Ivie


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I used to prefer Robbie's Rules of Confusion and Corruption....but the demokrats made it their mode of operation in Iowa.

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