This isn’t rocket science, folks

I realize such letters come a dime a dozen these days — i.e. folks not adhering to the simple rules of social distancing — so I hesitate to join the crowd by penning this screed. But something I saw on the Old Town Mall on Thursday infuriated me into voicing an opinion.

It was not that so few were wearing masks or endeavoring to remain 6 feet apart. No, it was that one of our city constables on patrol was not following these simple rules. This veteran police officer was not wearing a mask while discussing school matters with a mall-walker I assumed to be a city resident. And doing so less than 6 feet apart. Now what kind of example does that set?

I just don’t get it. Our economy is in a shambles; people wish to see businesses reopened to facilitate the return of economic stability. How best to assure this? By doing whatever is necessary to quell the tide of the coronavirus. But how is this going to transpire when not even our gendarmes, our law enforcement officers, seemingly scoff at or ignore the “simple rules.”

This isn’t brain surgery, folks, even though COVID-19 is a wily foe. We know what to do to slow its progress and thus make those tough — and wholly necessary — economic decisions easier.

But someone needs to set an example at the grassroots, or local, level, who better than a policeman?

Adrian O’Connor Stephens City

Adrian O'Connor

Stephens City

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This is not easy for me, but thank you so much Mr. O'Connor. Right on target.

Spock Here

I have noticed this also, it confounds me...thank you for writing this Mr. O'Connor; stay well!

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