I live in Stephens City on the north end of town (Valley Pike) where the posted speed limit is 25 mph. It's posted that way because this end of town is 100% residential. With summer here, toddlers are playing in yards and senior citizens are finding it difficult to pull out of their driveways due to the speed of traffic on Valley Pike. I witness drivers every minute driving at such a high rate of speed they could NEVER stop if they had to. People and people's pets have been killed [here over the years]. How soon will it be before a child is killed? The local police and mayor cannot and do not monitor this end of town due to the fact that there are only two police officers for this entire town. And I get no response from the Virginia State Police, and VDOT tells me to contact my local police.

The residents at this end of town are absolutely tired of it. The excessive speed will only drive the prices of our homes down. We go to sell our home and a prospective family will see the speed and density of traffic only to lose a sale.

I write to you pleading assistance getting the word out and possibly writing a short segment on "our town." I'm always available to chat about this and welcome you to come sit on our porch and witness this terrible issue.

Tom Gamertsfelder

Stephens City

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