I was shocked and saddened by the article in the Saturday, 4/10/21 paper regarding Miri, a 11-year-old Yorkie who had endured unimaginable abuse for probably her entire life. I cried as I read about the horror she endured. Everyone involved in this should be charged, the owners Gary and Sylvia Helsley and their daughter Amber Howard. Four charges against them doesn’t begin to send a message that abusing and mistreatment of animals will not be tolerated. We wouldn’t tolerate putting them in a cage without food, water, warmth and/or cooling, appropriate vaccinations and then kicking them until their jaw was broken and missing and breeding them until they were unable to walk. Why then do we come up with lame charges that if found guilty would only be a fine and maybe 2 years of jail time? Miri endured 11 years of horrible conditions. Why not impose the same sentence on the offenders? Animals are unable to speak for themselves, we must enact tough laws that will deter abuse to animals immediately.

Golda Putnam


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Anyone who could treat an animal in such a manner should be severely punished. How could such a person ever be trusted around children, older folks, or really anyone!!! They deserve much harsher charges. Bless all of God's creatures.


I agree 1000% and hope that everyone who reads the article and comments writes and calls the district attorney's office to ensure these excuses for humans are prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. I have been in precarious positions myself in the past, but when it came down to it, I would always make sure my animals were fed and properly cared for ahead of my own needs if it came down to it. There need to be much harsher animal abuse laws... There just is no excuse or circumstance that could justify this kind of treatment. Truly horrifying and disgusting. Thank God the animal was able to live the last few months with compassionate care and real love.


I agree also. If anyone ever mistreated either of my animals, I guarantee you they would not live to see the light of the next day. These people are cowards and useless human beings.

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