President Trump has withdrawn from global leadership on climate change and stewardship of our environment. His focus is America's oil and natural gas industry.

Trump has eliminated regulations pertaining to the development or use of energy resources. He has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, dismantled the Clean Power Plan, rolled back clean car standards, allowed the use of neurotoxic pesticides, and significantly weakened or eliminated fundamental protections for clean air, clean water and public health.

Trump's proposed budget for 2021 would reduce federal funding for science, the environment, and public lands. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funding would be cut by 26%, eliminate 50 EPA programs, impose massive cuts (56%) to research and development, and the EPA Superfund program, tasked with cleaning up hazardous waste sites, would be cut by 10% despite the largest backlog of cleanups in 15 years.

The Interior Department's budget would cut funding for agencies including the Bureau of Land Management by $144 million, the Fish and Wildlife Service by $265 million, and the National Park Service would lose about $581 million in funds compared to the 2020 budget.

Trump will exploit and not protect our public health, the environment, and what President Theodore Roosevelt created: 150 national forests, 55 bird and game preserves, 5 national parks, and 19 national monuments - 230 million acres of public lands.

We need to protect our heritage, our environment, our families, and our future generations.

Phyllis Book

Lake Frederick

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Climate change caused my man is unproven. The earth warms and cools naturally. If you really feel it's a problem, then pressure China and India. After they clean their countries up, then the U.S. can.


Yeah- because “do as i say, not as i do” is a brilliant foreign policy strategy- said no one ever.


The patterns of reasoning (or lack thereof) for climate deniers at this point seems to center around what Harvard professor and noted environmentalist Naomi Oreskes refers to as "implicatory denial". What that means is that people can follow the science of climate change, but only up to a point. If challenged, many deniers can recognize that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, because the infrared absorption band is right there on an IR spectrogram. They understand that this means that CO2 is capable of changing the physical properties of the upper atmosphere, that the levels have increased over 45% from preindustrial concentrations, and that global changes are occurring much faster and with greater force than historic natural changes that happened over many centuries. They are even capable of understanding that the Relative Concentration Pathways of the International Panel on Climate Change suggest that, within the next century, these events could result in a largely unlivable world with widespread fires, floods, crop failures, extinctions and profound remodelling of the Old Dominion, for example in the worst case scenario the Richmond area is predicted to look more like San Antonio, Texas.

Citizens can understand and accept all this, but the rub comes when it reaches the point where it's just too much. I can appreciate that we need to stop burning coal and start driving electric cars, but my friend who grew up in coal country just says "Whoa!" at the implication that climate preservation will necessarily require drastic cutbacks in fossil fuels. The idea that so much of his youth represents a lifestyle that will need to change if mankind is to survive, is just more than he can bear. In order adapt to this changing world we will need to look into our own personalities and understand what makes people act and what the limits are to human behavior.

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