Unhappy in Ward I

The recent shenanigans to get Mr. Bell on City Council, at least until a special election next November, is disgusting and I personally see it as unethical. The council and mayor, predominantly one party (except for Les Veach, who is against this course of action) all conspired to get Mr. Bell into Bill Wiley’s vacant seat.

The voters in Ward 1 clearly and resoundingly voted AGAINST Mr. Bell as our representative, and now the council and mayor have chosen him to represent us regardless of voter preference. They cut the 30-day window for replacement consideration to 6 days, and the required interview time to 1 hour before the council meeting. How can this be fair representation of Ward 1? We have seen how Mr. Bell wields power when he has it and it is not to our advantage. Hence the resounding vote against him for our representative.

Shame on all of you. Underhanded, unethical, and unfortunately what we have come to expect from our city leadership.

Carolyn Frye Winchester

Carolyn Frye


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Spock Here

Yes, this was not right.


Welcome to the Divided States of America!


Why do you care? You don't live here.

Doc Samson

"How can this be fair representation of Ward 1?"

The same way a clearly fraudulent national election is openly touted as completely legit, i.e. it isn't. Their Blue Wave was a dud and, while Biden might have won even without cheating, we'll never know...

For the Left, the ends justifies the means, double standards are the norm, and please stop believing what you see and hear because our impeccable and virtuous "sources" tell us it isn't true. They are literally using 1984 as their playbook and anyone capable of independent thought has plenty of evidence of this if they care to see it...

Spock Here

That drunk woman "testifying" was a hoot, right? Even Runnin Rudy tried to shut her up. Star witness!

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