We Americans separate ourselves into a new division of have and have-not, the have been vaccinated and the have not been vaccinated. After 18 months of enduring the twists and turns of the novel coronavirus in the United States two resounding numbers stand out in stark contrast.

The first number zero represents the deaths resulting from being injected with the vaccine to protect against COVID whether it's a Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson dose. That is zero deaths caused by the vaccine.

The other important number is 611,000. That's the number of Americans who have died from COVID-19. Survivors by the millions of infected can also suffer sickness, strokes, fatigue, blood clots, loss of taste, lung transplants, medical bankruptcy and shortness of breath, all of which the vaccines prevent.

The choice to remain unvaccinated is ours alone. Choose health over sickness, performance over disability, hope over despair, life over death.

Slide into a pharmacy for a free shot.

J.E. Williams

Stephens City

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Chris 22602

We need a law that says if you’re not vaccinated doctors and hospitals can refuse you medical care. It’s unfair for the rest of us to pay the medical bills of the irresponsible.

Catherine Giovannoni

I agree with the author. Vaccinations have been shown, via administration to millions of people, to be safe and effective. They're free to all. Getting your vaccine takes only a few minutes and is nearly painless. It's the right thing to do for yourself, your family, and your fellow Americans. The vaccine is available to everyone from age 12 on up. Protect yourself and your children. Do it today.


Unfortunately, Mr. Williams, the Fantasy Cult World of Lies and Conspiracies is a stronger pull. In this world of no reality, sickness, suffering, misery, death do not exit…….until they do.

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