Congratulations and thank you Valley Health for requiring COVID vaccines for all employees except those who have an approved exemption! You will undoubtedly receive a lot of pushback from people who have been badly misinformed about the relative risks of COVID shots compared to their benefit. Giving current employees more than three months in the current healthy job market to seek a position with an employer whose workplace poses less risk of exposure to its clients is a fair approach. You have set a good example that hopefully other hospitals and other institutions that pose inherent risks of coronavirus transmission will follow. These include airlines, cruise ships, and nursing homes as well as other situations where close human contact is unavoidable or whose clients are particularly vulnerable.

Bruce Hahn


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Sorry, that was Bill Clinton, not Jimmy Carter who fudged the economic numbers to improve his legacy and caused the recession at the start of the Bush Administration.


Government started lying under Jimmy Carter because the truth was too inconvenient to those in power. The lie then was the strength of the economy which caused Greenspan, head of the Fed, to tighten money. That move based on a government lie caused a recession which hurt a lot of people.

Also today a lot of people are hurting based on government action. Covid is bad, but the flu has almost disappeared. Covid testing requires 45 scans when 30 is the standard. This results in false positives (Incorrect reporting of infection.) What are the lies we are being told today? Who is running our government? Certainly not the confused Joe Biden. Why did we shut down the pipeline and drive up gas prices? Why are we letting in so many sick people at the boarder? Why don't we get current reports on the vaccine problems from the CDC, but instead have to sue them? Why are the audits in Georgia and Arizona turning up so many wrong things in the last election while the Government assures us it was the most honest election? Can't we figure out when we are being lied to today?



Catherine Giovannoni

[thumbup] Good for Valley Health.


Mr. slowe, people caught in cults can’t make logical decisions. For our own sanity, we have to remember that.

I use to feel sorry for them but no more. They’re sad. I hope they get the mental health help they’re going to need to escape a cult.


BRAVO to them. Vaccination is our savior. Science wins! Stupidity hurts us all. Life is better than death. The Non-Vaccers are just being selfish.


Thank you slowe for acknowledging the Trump Administration's push to trust science and get a vaccine to ALL Americans in a record time!!


And yet it is Trump and his followers who are the anti-vaccers, who decline or refuse to take that vaccine. IT is his followers who are suffering and dying the most now.


For the record, Mr. slowe, Trump did take his vaccine in January. Yes, being the sniveling coward he is, it was taken in secret behind closed doors.


Well said, but why don't you stop hiding behind a fake name and let us all know who you really are? Wait, didn't you say that? [smile]


"Vaccination is our savior. Science wins!" Then, why force fully vaccinated people to wear masks. Again. Science loses and progressives force their evil will on people again. Well, we have had enough.


Then why did Sniveling Coward Trump take his vaccine hiding in secret?

He could have been an inspiration to his followers.


The anti-vaxxers are already gnashing their teeth over Valley Health’s edict that all its employees be vaccinated unless receiving an exemption. One even suggested that people should refuse to go to any hospital that requires employees to be vaccinated! Get a grip people!

Hospital employees already are required to wash their hands incessantly because it’s proven that hand washing helps prevent infection just like vaccines help prevent diseases. Is hand washing with strong substances that may chap the skin infringing on their freedom of choice?

Please grow up and contribute to the common good — eradicating a disease that has killed over 600,000 of your countrymen!


Unfortunately, Christie, they don’t think of the 600,000+ dead or their grieving families. They only think of themselves and the fantasy world they live in.

They’ve elected to risk their lives for political reasons. 🙄

When the philosopher, Bertrand Russel, was asked if he was willing to die for his beliefs, he replied, “Of course not….After all I may be wrong.”


Heard through grapevine that some paid others to get shot for them using their ID.

Hope this could not be done for safety sakes.

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