I would like to encourage all voters in the Shawnee District to vote for Josh Ludwig for Board of Supervisors.

First of all, Josh and his wife Rani are great people who are raising 4 great boys. I have met Josh and Rani recently and found them to be wonderful Christian leaders with the hearts of servants.

Josh is a lifelong conservative, a pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment advocate, and an NRA lifetime member. He opposes tax increases and is a strong supporter of budget transparency. Josh opposes the Critical Race Theory and believes that all students should be treated with respect and dignity. Josh believes that parents should play the primary role in making decisions about and for their kids. Josh is a soft spoken and analytical problem solver. He studies public policy issues in detail and considers all of the pertinent data prior to weighing in with his thoughts. If you have heard him speak at recent School Board meetings, you have seen him add to the public debate while making clear and concise points and treating everyone with respect.

I am happy to support Josh for Board of Supervisors in Shawnee and hope you will also. He will make a great supervisor.

Bob Liero

Frederick County

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Don’t insult us with a glowing Christian endorsement of the Ludwigs.

Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. Obviously, these two have decided that the words of Trump and his Toadies are more important than the words of Jesus. Ludwig wants to put children, teachers, and staff at risk to fit their political agenda and who cares about their Christian beliefs. They’re hypocrites.

Don’t vote for Josh Ludwig.


Josh Ludwig is a radical right wing puppet of David Sparkman who was dug up when the current GOP Board member was not deemed to be 'conservative'. You can bet that a vote for Josh Ludwig will be for more chaos and confusion in Frederick County as he will be beholden to the far right factions of the GOP. He has no aspirations of listening to taxpayers but to the GOP elite.

However you do have a choice this election and do not have to choose between the lesser of two evils of the GOP or Democratic Party.

Warren Gosnell has entered his race for the Shawnee District Board of Supervisors and will provide a moderate voice of reason that will work between the condervative and liberal factions on the board to bring some civility to local politics. If you want your voice to be heard and for reasonable action to be taken, vote for Warren Gosnell for Shawnee District Board of Supervisors.

Chris 22602

Rani acted like a fool at the School Board Meeting about mask mandates. Josh and Rani both advocated putting children at risk. As of now only one school in the entire county has had a COVID breakout, that's Mountain View "Christian" Academy, which has ignored masked mandates. Josh has been campaigning with Miles Adkins, a self-proclaimed "Dysfunctional Veteran" (see his Instagram photos). Adkins has repeatedly posted perverted posts on his Facebook and Twitter. Has Josh distanced himself from that? Nope. Probably because Josh thinks its funny and just boys being boys, remember the whole "Grab her by the p....." comment of Herr Trump? We need to keep evil as far away as possible from our government. Vote for anyone other than Ludwig. BTW: Bob Liero is an assistant principal at Millwood, keep that in mind the next time you have an issue with your child at Millbrook. You can't trust a "leader" who believes in lies and you can't trust Liero to put your kids first, he will clearly put politics first. Shameful.


So High School assistant principals do not have First Amendment rights? Chris only comes on this forum during election season to spread his left wing rumors and lies and to do the Democrats mudslinging.


Is Josh a believer in The Big Lie and does he support and promote it.?

It would be nice to have a little honesty. Oops! I believe we’re dealing with Republicans who have no concept of honesty or decency.

Vote for Democrats. Don’t vote for lies and conspiracies.

john brown



When you know the truth, you use it. The truth will stand and lies will fall. It’s as simple as that.

Now, run discuss it with Tinkerbell 🧚‍♀️ as she’s your source of lies in the fantasy world you live.


LOL...Blackhorsegirl is a one horse pony with her Big Lie conspiracy theories.....LOL


Laugh all you want. Who needs to talk about the Big Lie when Trump won’t shut up about it. He’s either totally mentally ill and delusional or he knows this lie will get his gullible followers in spittle spewing rage.

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