This is regarding budget transparency.

I support Josh Ludwig as being the correct choice for voting on budget allocations for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors' Shawnee district seat. 

He does not work for the county, therefore would not be biased.

Josh's background is a scientific profession, and who better to logically vote for intended categories? He is a clear thinking, educated professional with heartful concern for the people of our community.

Diana Graham

Frederick County

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Chris 22602

Ludwig went on a homophobic rant at the last school board meeting. We don't need bigots in power. He was also a leader of the anti-mask protest at the school board meeting in August. He's anti-science, anti-history, anti-LGTBQA+, and pro-chaos. He's garbage and anyone with an ounce of decency should no better than to vote for him.

Doc Samson

This is enough of a ringing endorsement for me! [thumbup][lol]


Transparency has been a lot that candidates have run on and have never seen it yet from any of them when they get there.


Let’s remind everyone that David Sparkman is sitting at home with a criminal ankle bracelet on because he couldn’t be trusted to roam free in our community even on bale. He is either 1) a danger. 2). A flight risk.

That gives me no confidence.


Josh Ludwig is a radical right wing puppet of David Sparkman who was dug up when the current GOP Board member was not deemed to be 'conservative'. You can bet that a vote for Josh Ludwig will be for more chaos and confusion in Frederick County as he will be beholden to the far right factions of the GOP. He has no aspirations of listening to taxpayers but to the GOP elite.

However you do have a choice this election and do not have to choose between the lesser of two evils of the GOP or Democratic Party.

Warren Gosnell has entered his race for the Shawnee District Board of Supervisors and will provide a moderate voice of reason that will work between the condervative and liberal factions on the board to bring some civility to local politics. If you want your voice to be heard and for reasonable action to be taken, vote for Warren Gosnell for Shawnee District Board of Supervisors.


Josh Ludwig is a radical far right puppet of Dave Sparkman. His radical fringe views do not match up with most voters in the Shawnee District. He would be a distracting, disruptive voice in the operation of normal business in Frederick County. You do have a choice this year. You do not have to vote for radical candidates from the Republicans or Democrats. Independent Warren Gosnell has entered this race for Shawnee District Board of Supervisors to lend a moderate choice for those in the middle that do not want radical, partisan politics to rule in Frederick County. We need more middle of the road politicians in Frederick County who are willing to work for the taxpayers benefit and not be all in for their particular political party. Vote for Warren Gosnell to give taxpayers a voice that will listen to everyone!!


Kaya, please listen to yourself. You would vote for a bigoted ranter in hopes your property tax “might” go down? These are not views that represent our community as a whole.

Vote for decency. A raging bigot is not decent.

Kaya Sawayn

Josh Ludwig is an honest person; he will serve the people in a better way. Reading article is the best for finding the writer. I am going to vote for him in the coming election as many people expecting for his victory in the election. He has better policies for people and their prosperity.

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