I understand that it’s early in the 2023 local elections cycle, but I’d like to endorse my friend of many years, Seth T. Thatcher, for Frederick County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Thatcher has been in the commissioner’s office for a total of 16 years (the last four as commissioner). His experience is vital to the future success of Frederick County as a whole. He has earned the respect of his constituency through hard work and dedication to that constituency. I ask you to please consider voting for Seth this November.

Bill Dodson

Stephens City

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B Weller

I have a shed in my yard that holds a lawnmower. I have pavement. And my dogs are licensed.

B Weller

I will find it very difficult to vote for Mr. Thatcher, since under his direction I am taxed for things that don't exist on my property and am taxed more for the worn out things that I do have. All the while people in my neighborhood are not taxed for the same things that I do have. Pavement, outbuildings, vehicles, animals and the list goes on. How about all those swimming pools out there that were installed without permits and then had electric run to them, again without permits? I wonder, does Mr. Thatcher own a plane? I'm curious as to how many of the POCKETS FIRST candidates own planes or have friends who own planes who only pay a penny on the dollar for their plane while I'm paying sixty-one cents on the dollar for the invisible stuff on my property that according to Mr. Thatcher's office actually increases in size. Nah, I think I'll see who else is running and hope that they will do a better job of representing ALL the citizens of Frederick County and not just their POCKETS FIRST friends. And just for the record, the items that Mr. Thatcher's office claims have increased in size were already on the tax records WHEN THEY WERE CONSTRUCTED which was BEFORE Mr. Thatcher's time. A representative from the office actually came to my property and measured them, but when Mr. Thatcher got in office his representative claimed to have been out, though they must be invisible because the security camera never picked them up, and that's when the size and value increased, yet they couldn't turn around and notice the things the neighbors have?


I'm curious, what kinds of things do you have in your yard? And why mention animals?

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