I am writing today to support Shontya’ Washington’s bid to become the Board of Supervisor for the Red Bud District of Frederick County.

The current Red Bud supervisor, Blaine Dunn, has continually let down his constituents. He has spread misleading, often false information about our schools. He voted against an early education program for the county, despite the program already being funded by a state grant. And most glaringly, he proposed a $15,000 salary hike for the members of the Board of Supervisors, while voting against the county budget that increased the salaries of other county employees. He seems much more interested in national talking points than the actual needs of our community, and in fact, recently lost his bid to be the GOP nominee running for the US Senate.

In contrast, Mrs. Washington has dedicated herself to the needs of the Red Bud District. She currently serves as vice chair of the School Board. She is a graduate of the Chamber’s Community Leadership Program, and has continually sought counsel from our sheriff’s office and fire and rescue department. Most importantly, she listens to all constituents and does not align with either political party. She takes the time to research the information she receives. As a school board member, she focuses on the needs of all those she serves, and I have no doubt she will do the same as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Please vote Shontya’ Washington on November 2nd!

Jennifer Volkmann

Frederick County

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Mrs. Washington will make an excellent addition to the board and has my vote!

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