I am very excited that early voting begins on Sept. 17, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and vote. I want to thank in advance the volunteers and election officers who make this possible for people to vote at their convenience. Voting is one of the most effective acts anyone can do to ensure they are represented by candidates who respect and understand their views and opinions.

After all votes are counted and the results are reported, should I win, I will accept the victory with humility. Should I lose, I will accept the defeat with grace, and I will be one of the first to congratulate my opponent and wish him luck. That is the American way. We can never succumb to the practice of contesting and complaining about election results simply because we do not win. That can never become commonplace because it would be the fastest way to destroy our democracy.

We can take pride knowing that in America our elections are fair, safe, and secure. From our local officials to our state officials, our voting system is checked and rechecked to assure all that our votes are accurately counted and recorded. When we cast a ballot, we know it counts.

Thank you for voting and may your candidate win!

Deetzie Bayliss is running as a Democrat for the 29th District House of Delegates seat in the Nov. 2 election. She is a Frederick County resident.

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Catherine Giovannoni

I will be voting for Deetzie! It's time our district had some real representation in Richmond. Bill Wiley is just another ineffective Dave LaRock without the trespass conviction.

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