All those who want to re-name streets in Winchester put your money where your mouth is. Put up or shut up! You can appropriate the money to reimburse all businesses to change their stationery, edit their websites, change their signage and marketing materials, have their professional licensing addresses changed, etc. Then you can pay for all the navigational software updates used for automobiles, and cellphones, and the mapping software for many platforms. Then you can pay all related costs both actual and administratively for what VDOT and the city will have in considering and making the requested changes. Now you can pay to reprint all paper maps for the city. Are you going to pay the administrative costs to explain to clients who call them that the business has not moved. Who pays for the city to make address changes to tax and other billing? There is no good reason to change street names in Winchester. But if you insist then PAY FOR IT when you submit your application! Any attempt to make a change to a major street should not be done by council but put to a ballot vote where all the citizens of Winchester who use the name and who would suffer financial costs from a change can have a voice. The majority should rule when so many costs are involved to those who don't want change and when no reasonable justification can be given to proceed with such a ridiculous and unwarranted suggestion.

Mark Anderson


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It's always so cute when triggered little people want fiscal accountability for actually small things like this, but then bend the knee, prostrating themselves for increasing police and military spending.

Doc Samson

@Leftist Posters - Uh, can any of you address the topic of the column?

Since we are just going off on tangents, I guess I'll add that I'm still waiting to see studies on how white supremacists are taking over/infiltrating police dept.'s and statistics about how firearm owners don't ever save anyone (Spock and Nuri)...


Leftist judges! No doubt.....Go figure!


On the brighter side, a federal appeals court ruled Friday that Trump's move to divert $2.5 billion (57.65 billion pesos) from military infrastructure projects to his Mexican-funded wall was illegal and against the Constitution.

Spock Here

Oh, isn't that great! Now will Mexico pay for it?


@Ali What socialist institution did you attend to receive your indoctrination?

Spock Here

We can bet it wasn't Trump U. I guess you don't mind paying for that wall, eh?


Trump taught me everything I need to know about corruption, playing the system, soaking the taxpayers for your own expense, and how to run businesses into the ground.


Trump U., gore. Trump U.


Great insight to the realities of what seems so simple to some, Mr. Anderson. It’s unfortunate that all of these changes fit their narrative of tearing down everything from the past, with no concern for many who disagree and live in the present. They accomplish it by name-calling in the least, and violence if necessary. Scorched earth, some might say.


No. We can all pay for it. After all, some minorities have been paying a steep price for decades. Those that want to use tax dollars to build a fanciful wall on the Mexican border are now concerned with costs, eh?


Minorities Paying a steep price, my BUTT! The American citizens have been paying a steep price to support these undocumented Aliens for decades. Social benefits that they shouldn’t be entitled to, loss of jobs taken from American Citizens, all the heartache and cost from their illegal drug importation, the price that the United States has paid in irradiating the drug problem, the cost for prosecution and incarceration and then the deportation Costs. I have only touched the surface that undocumented Aliens have cost the hard working people of the United States.

I am sick of the pissing and moaning of those who don’t even belong here! I am also sick of this BLM movement. POOR ME, I’M BLACK! My great great great grandparents were slaves, feel sorry for me, pay me reparations, I’m entitled.

Those who cop this type of attitude -burn, loot and kill and who disrespect law enforcement; vandalize, and tear down our statues and monuments need to pay a heavy price!

Thank God we have a president that has a set of gonads and who will get this country straightened out over the next 4 years.

Those that don’t like the way things have been in this country historically And don’t like the way things are now I suggest they move to another country


Well stated, thanks, not the barrage of leftist whinings who choose to comment daily, sigh. I agree, don't live in a country you don't support, there are lots of others. Course, there may be more restrictions, & you won't be able to post your daily accusations against that country, but you won't be here.


Oh, I support the country wholeheartedly. I just don't think this administration does. It supports the Donald and nobody and no thing else.


Thank you, thank you. Finally someone other than me stating facts. Here is some more... the US was paying for slaves to go back where they came from. Ones that chose to stay here got 40 acres and a mule. Go at your ancestors. I owe you nothing. As far as illegal immigrants, send em back. If you want the liberty and programs, come here legally. Daca... been here that long, why aren't you a citizen??




delaurel66, my sentiments EXACTLY. I couldn't have said it any better myself.


SMH & Roll my eyes. You do not have the authority to speak for me. Not your place to spend MY money. Isn’t that the rift? You socialists want the capitalists to pay for your lofty ideals? Get a job, start a go fund me page and do it yourself.


Odds are, you don't even pay taxes. So, talk of YOUR money is a bit overstated.

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