As tax-paying citizens, we have the right to know where our tax dollars are being spent. Struggling to provide a safe place for our families to live, to keep them clothed, fed, and provide heat and electricity is becoming increasingly harder. Prices are only going to continue to soar.

It is more important than ever that we not only know what our tax dollars are being spent on, but that we elect officials to office who know the hardships many citizens are facing. We need to elect officials who will strive to find ways to balance the budget without high increases to taxes and who believe in budgetary transparency.

Josh Ludwig is a candidate for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors' Shawnee District seat who believes in transparency and in keeping taxes down. He will work hard to find ways of balancing the budget without sharp tax increases, and he will fight to make known to the public where tax money is spent.

We have all heard the saying: "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to solve the problem." But it can't hurt to have one on our side.

If you believe in transparency and want someone who will fight for you and your family, then vote for Josh Ludwig. It is important for your voice to be heard, and you can do that by getting out and voting.

Joyce Lombardo

Frederick County

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Doc Samson

Ludwig = Nut Case

You know, I keep seeing this and yet... where's the beef? Also, funny how only the Pr0g's get to use mental health terms in a derisive manner...


Ludwig = Nut Case

Catherine Giovannoni

Richard Kennedy has experience managing budgets and running complex organizations. If Shawnee wants real change, it should elect Richard Kennedy to the Board of Supervisors. We've seen what one-party rule has brought to our Board of Supervisors. A vote for Mr. Ludwig is a vote for more-of-the-same. Please vote for Richard Kennedy for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

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