In spite of public health warnings and increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, many shoppers in Frederick County are not wearing masks and are defiant about it. Last Friday at a local indoor market a number of adults did not have masks on. When I asked one woman where her mask was, she said "in her pocketbook" and another couple said their masks were at home. Even more outrageous at another market, I watched a women without a mask put bars of scented soap up to her nose and put them back on the shelf. It is time that stores enforced the "wear a mask" signs on their doors. I will continue confronting those without masks and hope others will do the same. We are all in this together and we need to protect each other. Wearing masks goes way beyond politics or individual liberty. After all, the Supreme Court decided that we are not allowed to shout fire in a movie theater if there is not fire because it presents a clear and present danger to others. The same holds true if you don't wear a mask — you endanger the lives of others.

Carole Ann King


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In America, you don't have a right to take away my rights and force your ways on me. At least not until now. That is what they do in other countries. The virus is so small that it goes through most masks save for the N95s. Also, masks do not protect you at all. They only prevent your droplets from spreading out if you were to cough or sneeze. However, I want to make a point that everyone should agree on - most people that wear masks are always touching them and adjusting them. That defeats the purpose as it contaminates the hands. So if you wear a mask, do not touch it after you put it on.


"After all, the Supreme Court decided that we are not allowed to shout fire in a movie theater if there is not fire" Folks should be sure to do research into Supreme Court decisions before citing them. The decision in Schenk vs.US (1919) cited here was overturned by Brandenburg vs. Ohio in 1969. Since then, the government cannot ban inflammatory speech unless it directly incites violence.


Jake, it is not just about you when you spew your pestilence riddled saliva at others.


Sorry but this is all about my liberty. This is a political endevor and has been from the start like the riots. All the info we were given in the beginning was mostly wrong and over exagerated. Women can claim " my body, my choice " when it comes to abortion, I can claim the same too. Point here. Where I work they had a positive case of COVID. They isolated 30 people they had contact with in the facility. After 2 weeks and testing, no one else tested positive. If it was the regular flu, we would have had atleast 5 people contract it. My theory, if you want a mask, where it but don't enforce your fears on me!!


Why is wearing a mask such a big deal? Give it a try. You may save a life!!

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