We’re talking vaccines, not weapons

In reference to the letter by Mr. Knapp concerning sharing research technology on vaccines, unfortunately, Mr. Knapp is uninformed.

We’re talking vaccines and not weapons. We’re talking about a virus that will keep coming if we don’t stop it worldwide. We’re talking about millions of people suffering.

Scientific research and technology is not classified. Besides, the Russians are already murdering or attempting to murder their citizens with germ warfare in spite of international treaties.

I would rather have dialogue over test tubes than bombs.

Trish Conk

Frederick County

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Doc Samson

"Scientific research and technology is not classified"

Wha-wha-wha-WHAT? Do tell, because I think the bio research arm of our moral and upstanding Big Gov't would beg to differ, as would everyone's favorite Wuhan lab!

To quote the ignorant and arrogant here, "at least study your topic more". [beam]

Spock Here

Ignorance and arrogance are your specialty 'doc', you've been displaying both for quite a long time. So, study your topic more--which is apparently attempting to sound like an intelligent being. Please, study that more.


I don think that’s what the writer said. I remember/re-read Mr. Knapp’s letter and I agree that he became upset over nothing. The question is where is Mr. Knapp getting his information. Fox? Newsmax? Some other lying celebrity on an alleged news show?

Mr. Knapp has a right to disagree with what the president does and speak up. He has done so. It doesn’t make his information correct.


By “uniformed”, do you mean “stupid”?

Spock Here

A thin line between the two these days


Mr. Spock, what would be a better way to say it? “Mr. Knapp lacks understanding of the situation?” It did sound as though Mr. Knapp had latched onto some conspiracy theory. As usual, there was no explanation as to where he got his information.

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