Well, I see that Lord Fairfax Community College has changed its name to Laurel Ridge Community College. I don't understand why the world is constantly trying to change what has already passed. I guess that if Laurel Ridge Community College is ashamed of Lord Fairfax, then i should be too. Who do I contact to get my diploma reprinted to show the correct name?

Steven D. Wolford


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What an epic overreaction to this matter.

john brown

Why change it, it's a collector's item now ...lol

I am sure the school will provide a way to issue a new diploma with the new name for a cost. My university charges a fee for any replacement diploma requested.

Catherine Giovannoni

You know, what was once National Airport had its name changed to the Ronald Reagan National Airport. What was once Enron Field had its name changed to Minute Maid Park. My bank has had more name changes than I can remember as various mergers have come and gone. The idea that names can't or shouldn't change is just silly. I'm sure you worked for that degree and are proud of it. Hang it with pride and realize that life goes on.


All of your examples are changes because of financial gain. Minute Maid paid to have their name on the ball park...banks get bought out all of the time and change their name. By your logic, who paid to have LFCC renamed?!?

john brown

no financial gain tagging raygun's name to National Airport, just costs


While I agree with your line of thinking, I don't think Reagan Airport was changed because of corporate sponsorship.

Catherine Giovannoni

Who paid to have National Airport renamed for Ronald Reagan? What difference does it make whether a name is changed for financial reasons or otherwise? I suspect Enron Field was renamed for reasons similar to the college name change -- people became aware that the original entity was seriously problematic.

Spock Here

Google it.

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