We have seen liberal Democratic leaders such as Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, Speaker Filler-Corn fail to defend the rule of law. They have allowed for vandalization and the destruction of public and private property, notably monuments. None of this does anything to inform our citizenry of our shared history.

Monuments have been destroyed. We have seen George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Abraham Lincoln have statues damaged and torn down.

We can't rewrite our history, and we also can't undo what has happened these past few weeks. But we can all learn from the good, the bad, and the unfortunate parts of our shared history. We can count on Bill Wiley to stand up for our history, oppose erasing the past and destroying our American identity. Simply put, Bill is a patriot who truly believes in the American dream who won't allow activists to erase the truth and replace it with their agenda. In Richmond, he will oppose attempts to erase American Exceptionalism, and will push for monuments to stay up so they can be a part of our story.

I've known Bill Wiley and his family for a long time. He's a man of honor and decency. I hope you all will join me in voting for Bill Wiley to be our next delegate. Please, early vote between now and October 31 or on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

Together we can send a message to the radical liberals in Richmond by sending Bill Wiley to Richmond

Steven Nygen


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So speaks chief local socialist comrade Nuri!

john brown

so if you don't believe in treason and/or holding human beings in slavery you are labeled a socialist. gotcha


Are they really erasing history? Or just correcting the record?

I thought America was a country for winners, not the ones who celebrate second-place finishers in a two horse race. The monuments issue is easy: we don't celebrate treason. Celebration and remembrance are not the same thing. By putting Confederate symbols in places of honor, we serve to entrench their values as ones to uphold. Put the monuments in the cemeteries, museums, or monument parks dedicated to explaining the War, not in front of our courthouses.


Fix the headline please.

Spock Here

Seriously, they've really gotten bad lately.


Any visitor to Germany will note how many monuments there aren't to WWII political and military leaders. But German children certainly learn their history.

Spock Here

This is a lesson that simply cannot be learned by the failed rebellion idiots. One doesn't need a statue to learn history. A statue to white supremacists, however, can intimidate a group of people to "stay in their place."


Mr. Wiley has my vote.

john brown

surprise, surprise

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