This country may be facing one of the most serious internal problems since the Civil War. Differences in core values is threatening our unity.

If one group of people believes in capitalism, and other believes in socialism/communism (big government), or, if one group believes the Bible is their moral and spiritual guide, and another group believes it is a threat to their agenda, or if one group believes abortion is murder, and another group believes it is a woman's right to choose, we have a difference in core values, and compromise becomes difficult, or impossible.

An old adage says that recognizing you have a problem is the first step in solving it.

Can we solve it, or will this nation, which armies have not been able to destroy, be defeated from within?

Rachel Donald

Frederick County

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Catherine Giovannoni

The "enemy from within" was the theme from a speech by Joseph McCarthy -- yes, that Joe McCarthy. The idea that Germany lost World War I due to "an enemy within" helped give rise to the German atrocities of World War II. I am disappointed to see the Star publishing this garbage in twenty-first Century America.


AS long as we are forced fed the myth that diversity is our strength..yeh, we are doomed. For look to the nations that dont have any..Switzerland, Japan, Norway and...Healthy wealthy and wisest. So you see, its NOT a necessity. IN fact all bad trends started int he US as the OPEN borders activists started getting their way. Cheers


So you want a homogenous society?


Japan, Norway, Switzerland...why gee, they are healthy wealthy and wisest. DIversity is a problem to overcome, not that makes nations better. Ethnic states work...look at Israel. Cheers


Pray tell, what ethnicity deserves to be the dominant force in the US?


you can't answer, huh?


Yep. Its worked for Switzerland, Norway and Japan


What ethnic group should dominate the US?


Did we ever get an explanation as to what ethnic group deserves to inhabit and rule the US?

Spock Here

Ditch the box. I would hope we all believe in democracy and our republic. Some of us read and believe in the bible, some do not. We all, I hope, believe in an honest and compassionate government, but disagree but what to pay for and how to pay for it. We have different religious beliefs. In other words, we are all Americans and don't all rest in the box you placed us in.


Spock, what planet are you living on?? We obviously have two groups of people of approximately the same size with diametrically opposite views of the proper function of government and what constitutes a righteous view of citizens responsibilities. I am very concerned for the future of this country because I do not see any clear way ahead for these two groups to be reconciled. I am afraid that the country may have to be divided, making two much weaker ones. I shudder to think of the conflict which must inevitably accompany this division.

Doc Samson

"Spock, what planet are you living on?"

Yeah, good luck trying to figure THAT out! I can tell you that where ever he is, Teen Vogue is a MAJOR source of news, the police are either racist oppressors or tragic victims (depends on who is attacking them), and the Cuomo's are lauded as heroes...


Its already divided. But ONE side demands the other side include it. Demands they pay for it. Demands and kneels for mob rule. One side would GLADLY wait, cant use that word. Uh, Cosmically disconnect. THerer. Only one side is demanding the other concede on everything. And now they are using mobs and the media to impose. That is the side with the problem. Its Their mod values or you get cancelled. I guess the Amish are next given they dont kneel to inclusion myths

Doc Samson

@Kohen - Amen! As you read through all these "divisive" topics, isn't it interesting that the Pr0g's always exit stage Left when it gets down to addressing actual, provable facts? Suddenly, they've got other places to be... [lol]

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