Winchester has a charming small town ambiance, many historically interesting buildings and parks, and at the same time it provides all the essential services anyone could need for a good quality of life. As a recent resident, I chose Winchester after looking around for some time, and moved here to enjoy retirement and a slower pace of life. I appreciate all the amenities that Winchester offers. It was, however, quite disturbing to see that many local streets and main roads are named after military men from the Confederate era. Recent events in our country have also highlighted the pain and hurt that era represents to many people, including people of minority background. In order for Winchester to get more in tune with modern times, those streets and roads need to be renamed.

Elisabet Michaelsen


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Perhaps, it is once again for the City of Winchester to consider complete removal of the Confederate battle flag from its city seal. They missed a great opportunity a couple of years ago, but it's never too late to do the right thing.


Thanks Elizabet! With City Council already discussing this, I also hope improvements will be made. We can all fix this together. [beam]


This is similar to the folks that move next to airports and complain about the noise. Some town is missing it's fool.


Not really. Airports are going to come with noise. A city shouldn't come with optional ties to a troubled issue.


Well, Con/Gore/Doc et al, this is the United States of America and people have the right to be citizens wherever they choose to live. That right is complimented by many others, including the right to state their opinions and work for change just as you often exercise your rights to state your opinions and work for stagnation.


So what happens after all Confederate monuments and street names are gone? What's next on your list? George Washington Headquarters or Daniel Morgan statue? The red army is marching! Run children run!


Red army? Gore, you have an overactive imagination. Coupled with your reactionary stances, it leads to vast and comical errors in judgment.


Comical errors in judgement... interesting and concerning statement that you would aim toward conservatives. Just one of the many ways we differ: interpreting the meaning of words, and whether use of them makes us sound hypocritical.


It is interesting...and quite appropriate. Perhaps you should just stick to pulling teeth.


Red? like Republicans?


Welcome to the Valley, Ms. Michaelsen. It is a truly wonderful area, and though it’s thankfully not as slow to change as Kentucky, there are plenty of issues to work on here and plenty of idiots impeding the process...just as everywhere else. Get involved and keep lending your voice and your vote to these issues. We’ll get it all accomplished one racist-named Jubal Early drive at a time! Be well...we are glad to have you and your vote in the valley.


Should have researched better before moving here. If the street names bother you move back to where you came from! I have a suggestion I hear Chicago and New York is beautiful this time of year.


Those names were here when you chose to move here. Why then did you come?

Doc Samson

Faux outrage wasn't fashionable at the time... very similar to the "cage pics" that the press tried to lay at Trump's feet, only to have rational people find out that, ooopsey, that was Obama's handiwork. #facts/don't/matter


Agreed. How can you be outraged when you chose to move here?


Isn't your outrage made from your choices, too?


It is the same old story all of the time. People come for a better of quality of life and then want to either change things or bring ideas from where they came. Change is always going to happen but the past and history should be left alone.

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