Wonders if justice was served

I am speechless. Gary and Sylvia Helsley received the lightest sentence possible for horrendous abuse and neglect of poor, defenseless Miri. They would have received a heavier sentence and fine if they were convicted of DUI.

Their daughter, Amber Howard, made a false report to the police and she was given $250 fine. The assistant commonwealth’s attorney requested that Judge Daniel impose the maximum sentence of 365 days for both Gary and Sylvia but for some reasoned decided to suspend all but 90 days and a $200 fine. Poor little Miri may have had a chance of a good life if she had only endured 90 days of abuse instead of more than 10 years.

I guess our judicial system doesn’t care if animals are horribly abused and neglected. Do you think the sentencing represents justice for little Miri?

Golda Putnam Winchester

Golda Putnam


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As usual, off topic. We weren’t talking about abortions. We were talking about uneven sentencing practices. You’re more than happy to force your beliefs on women but not help prevent the murder of thousands by guns when solid, fair gun laws might help. You so called “pro-lifers” are hypocrites.


I will worry about treatment of dogs only after late term abortions are banned. Don't talk to me about inhuman treatment of animals while we still legally kill millions of our own species every year.

Spock Here

We already know you don't give a rat's behind about living, breathing animals Sparks; you don't want to pay to take care of those.

john brown

spark, you don't give a about any babies. you just want to control women. crawl back into your seditious bunker


It's not about controlling women. It's about not using taxpayer money to fund abortions.


And yet we use taxpayer funds to pay for military boondoggle projects and male fertility treatments...


This is about the horrible treatment of a helpless dog by individuals who should be punished. It is not about abortion or any political topic. Justice was not done for this creature!!!


Spare us all your sanctimonious position on making people pay for the consequences of their decisions while simultaneously claiming no one on January 6th (including you) should ever even be charged with a crime.

Ignoring that, let's go like this: put your money where your mouth is, Davey. Take a trip to your local abortion provider, have a sit down with a woman seeking abortive services, and convince her to carry to term. In exchange, agree to adopt her child.

Oh, wait, would taking on a child not work for you right now? Would it upset your household? Maybe you're not capable of caring for a kid right now? Well, seems like your decision was unwise, but you should bear the consequences of your actions.....sound familiar?


Poor little basement boy just can't get over the fact he couldn't go to the Capitol on Jan. 6 because of the loss of his driver's license as a repeat offender, so he's fixated while ignoring the heinous riots and looting in blue states because they were somehow righteous in their cause. He's just another BROWN SHIRT living in mommy's basement, angry at his circumstances he brought upon himself.


Why would I have gone to the Capitol to protest a legal and legitimate election?

Do you smell toast? Because I believe you are having a stroke.


The laws concerning abuse of animals is often set by the state. Let’s look to our legislators. Just recently read of a light sentence in the case of a rape. Judges are human, often aren’t as smart as we think, and can be prejudiced. It’s far from a perfect system.

Miri did not receive justice.


justice was not served for Miri!!!

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