I write to support Josh Ludwig for Shawnee District Supervisor in Frederick County, and in response to Warren Gosnell’s Open Forum Commentary in support of his own candidacy. As a resident of Frederick County, I have observed a growing tension among members of the Board of Supervisors. When door-knocking in support of the Ludwig campaign, I frequently encounter citizens who express their concerns about two important issues: 2nd Amendment Rights and “budget transparency.” When voters go to the polls to cast their vote for either Gosnell or Ludwig, which one can they actually trust? Gosnell says that he supports the 2nd Amendment, however, he also argues that it is his constitutional duty as a Dep. Sheriff to enforce Virginia’s new Red Flag Laws. Additionally, as a candidate who argues that “budget transparency” is part of a “rigid political ideology,” it should be apparent to voters where the conflict of interest lies: certainly not with Ludwig who is employed by a private company with no competing budgetary incentives. Gosnell, who self-describes as a “community caretaker,” argues against what he terms “false narratives,” which are part of a “rigid political ideology.” Who, however, will be the one to determine which narratives are false? A County employee, leery of “transparent budgets” and against Red Flag Laws, yet sworn to enforce them? Or a privately employed resident and taxpayer, with no conflicts of interest?

Vote for Josh Ludwig for Supervisor if you want transparency, accountability, and uncompromised representation.

Delane Karalow

Lake Frederick

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Um.... hate to tell you, but the election was almost a month ago...



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