It was recently announced that Rush Limbaugh, aka "Foolboy No. 2", is suffering from advanced lung cancer. He has been a cigar smoker for many years and he uses cigars as props on his asinine talk show.

Several years ago he went on a pro-smoking rant on his radio show downplaying the risks that have been proven smokers take in indulging in their habit. In fact, he is quoted as saying at the time that smokers are no more at risk of serious health issues from smoking than are people who eat carrots. (I suspect he thinks most liberals are carrot-eaters.) That's the sort of stupid, irresponsible, smart-ass remark that one would expect from a leading conservative spokesman like Foolboy No. 2.

I wonder what this world-class jerk now thinks, at least in private, about the risks of smoking.

Listen up fans! If he is still in denial he might appreciate a few boxes of his favorite prop.

Michael A. Rea


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I am so smart, I speak Latin. Another ad hominem pearl from the Low Octane oyster.


Limbaugh has spent decades trying to drive a wedge between his ditto heads and the other 300.7 million (2017) Americans who could care less about his diatribes such as calling Mrs. Obama "an ape with high heels". Mr. Rea's letter just shows that Limbaugh has been successful.


So, anyone who doesn't agree with you is the "victim" of a wedge-driving campaign, eh. You are just so much smarter than everyone else. A legend in you own mind.


Early in his rise to stardom Rush came to Roanoke and guested on my talk show (we started our news/talk format with him) so our audience could get to know him on a personal level. His professionalism and dedication to truth rise so far above the invectives hurled at him they barely register a blip. I too received some ill wishes with a life threatening situation. Happens to everybody in that field. You don't pull in 25 million listeners a week not knowing what you're talking about, and here's hoping it continues for a long time to come.

Spock Here

Now let us be outraged by Mr. Rea's "diatribes (that) do nothing to advance their cause. Conservative or Liberal, it’s not Statesman-like, but childish." Then we'll conveniently ignore Mr. Limbaugh's hate and opiod filled diatribes throughout the years. Mr Rea should have ended with "pass the cigars around, but don't bring Fredo." Then it would have all be ok.


Someone else is smoking something odd, as well.......that explains a lot.


From the strangeness of this letter, I kinda get the picture that Rea must be smoking something else entirely.


Genetic predisposition to cancer. Smoking may bring you to this disease faster, but is not the cause


I wonder if Mr. Rea drinks wine, beer or any alcohol (associated with esophageal-stomach cancer)?


Leave it to a true local purveyor of “ill will,” Michael Rea, to kick a good person in the face while he’s down. I’m not sure if anyone knows the cause of Mr. Limbaugh‘s lung cancer, but perhaps the good and all-knowing Dr. Rea should know that not all forms of lung cancer are caused by smoking. But just like a lot of things that Dr. Rea spews, that fact doesn’t fit his personal narrative. The fact is, many are disheartened by this sad news, no matter the cause, and people like Mr. Rea, and their HA:E filled diatribes do nothing to advance their cause. Conservative or Liberal, it’s not Statesman-like, but childish.


I agree with you. It's clear which side is filled with hate, though. There are no liberals anymore, save for a few like Dershowitz. The rest are progressives, aka socialists. They seek to silence any opposition.

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