Despite Margaret Hobble’s letter to the editor on Friday, June 14, voting in either the Republican or the Democratic primary does NOT deprive one of the right to either support or vote for a general election candidate of the opposing party.

Virginia has an open primary system, and per Virginia state code 24.2-530, any qualified voter can vote in whichever primary they choose, as long as they only vote in one primary. Any pledge that the Republican party asks one to sign regarding their "intention" to vote in the general election is NOT legally binding, and will NOT “have a negative effect on your ability to vote in future local elections", as Ms. Hobble claims.

In the United States of America, we have the constitutionally guaranteed freedom to support and vote for the candidates of our own choosing, and we have the right to change our minds. Any claims to the otherwise reek of voter suppression.

Bryan Kornreich


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Actually Mrs. Hobble is pointing out what is politely called "mischief" or in actuality dirty politics. This was clearly an attempt, probably successful, to nominate candidates that the Dems thought were easily defeated. The purpose of a party nomination is to present the voters with candidates that reflect the policy ideas of their parties so that a choice can be made by the voters. Instead, the best candidates are sidelined by the opposition party so that there is only a choice between a weak candidate from that party. That is dirty politics and the Dems were out there drumming up votes to do their mischief. The Republican leadership that allowed such mischief will be punished by losing their offices in the fall election. Perhaps then, in the ashes of defeat, the party can rid itself of such foolishness.

Spock Here

Mischief is playing around snooping at voter rolls and threatening people with your knowledge of them


Our county is predominantly Republican. Over 20,000 votes cast in the county for Republicans in the last election. Some of the candidates that won did so by healthy margins. Are you implying that over 200 democrats came to vote in order to defeat Gary Lofton? That would be almost 17% of the people deciding to vote. A wider margin votes for Sibert over Madigan. Are you saying DeHaven, Sibert and Graber are week candidates? Honestly, I think more people want to choose who represents them. If you are insinuating that 17% of the people who show up for your primary are of the opposite party, then you should be concerned about why more of the 20,000 that vote republican aren’t showing up. Could it be that local Republicans actually decided to take part in the process?

Chris 22602

Thank you!


Thank you Bryan, for this letter. She is clearly trying to intimidate voters.


Ms. Hobble should be investigated for voter intimidation. She also needs a civics class.

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