Once again state Republicans have failed to do the job they were sent to Richmond to do. Quite literally, they adjourned the special session on gun control before even discussing, much less voting on, a single proposal. What are they afraid of? The proposals on the table include common sense measures such universal background checks, a ban on silencers, bump stocks and high capacity magazines, a “red flag” law to allow law enforcement to seize weapons from people the courts deem a threat and limit the number of handgun purchases per month. The majority of citizens including many Republicans agree with at least some of these proposals. So why are state lawmakers unwilling to even have a discussion or go on the record with a vote? This demonstrates a shameful disregard for public safety and the will of the people. Are they so afraid of the NRA that they are not able to represent their constituents as they have been elected to do? I consider this the very definition of cowardice.

Dave Snow


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Some people need to work harder to bring civility back to our once respectful society. One “side” represented in these comments prefers to continue childish namecalling rather than dealing responsibly with the real problems at hand. It’s not the guns, it is our sick society. Start there, beginning with your comments.


Here we go again... Universal background checks.. first step towards confiscation. Background checks are already done if you purchase firearm lehally.legally Bump stocks. Already banned Magazine capacity. A trained person with a 10 round mag can change mags and get off 20 rounds before an untrained person can get off 20 rounds in high capacity magazine. Silencer. They are called suppressors. They do not silence a firearm, are difficult to obtain and expensive to obtain and keep due to fees to own. If you watch crime a silencer aka suppressor can be made with everyday household items Mass shootings. Tragic. They all happened in soft target areas aka gun free zones. Red flag.... whos interpretation are we as a nation going to use Criminals are going to get firearms whether they are illegal or not. Sad they will pay less than your legal purchase. There are already laws on the books. Why not enforce those before adding new ones. Funny how the legislators that want to disarm me have armed security. I too prefer to protect myself.


The Republicans' solutions, like that of the president, it to delay, delay, delay. The do not want any more action taken.


It was quite appropriate to dismiss the session. To correct the author of this letter: background checks are already in place, and bumpstocks have been outlawed by your favorite President Donald J. Trump. Silencers don't really silence, unlike the movies, they still make a lot of noise, and restricting the number of guns purchased is interference with the constitution. The Red Flag suggestion was used by the British to disarm the colonists as, in the 1930's in Germany to disarm the Jews. We won't let that happen again. The only sensible restriction would be to prevent democrats from owning guns. It appears that almost every bad mass shooting has been by a liberal/democrat. These people are obviously full of hate toward their fellow humans and should not be able to pass a background check.

Spock Here

If I thought you had a sense of humor, I'd think that was a poor joke at best. Tell me, what is a "bad" mass shooting as opposed to a "good" mass shooting? "It appears" you are full of it since you don't see our home grown white supremicist shooters as a threat, therefore we continue to let it happen. Another hypocrisy laden comment from a faux pro life evilgelical.


Sparky (or should I say Doofus), please present your evidence that mass shooters are liberal/democrat.


Yeah, there are nutjobs on both sides.


Actually you are incorrect. they are doing what they were elected to do. Remember democrats did not vote them in office, their republican and independent constituents voted them in office to uphold the constitution as they read it.

Spock Here

It used to be that once you were elected into office you worked for all your constituents. They refused to discuss possible solutions, why?

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