MIDDLETOWN — Lord Fairfax Community College enrollment numbers remained steady as classes began Wednesday morning.

There were 4,332 students enrolled on the first day of the 2019-2020 school year, not including those enrolled in Workforce Solutions, the 2,575 high school students expected to sign up for dual-enrolled classes, or students who will enroll for classes with a later start date, said Sally Voth, spokesperson for Lord Fairfax Community College.

This year's enrollment is consistent with enrollment in past years and is expected to be about the same as last year, Voth said.

College President Kim Blosser had a busy day herself, talking to and meeting with staff.

“I always love the first day of classes," Blosser stated in an email. "I enjoy seeing all of the new faces on campus, as well as those of our returning students, eager to learn and full of possibility. Whether they are recent high school graduates, or adult learners coming back to earn their degree or a credential, all of our students are here to improve their lives and their earning potential.

Louis Flores, 18, of Winchester, is one of those students.

He typed away at his computer as he sat on a padded bench Wednesday morning at a table inside Lord Fairfax. . He was buying a math textbook.

Flores, a freshman, said he is excited to be starting college.

“It is very nice. I am a little bit nervous,” he said, adding he is seeing a lot of people he already knows, so that made his first day there easier. 

Flores is the first generation of his immediate family to attend college. His parents, he said, are eager for him to continue his education.

“My parents never got this experience and I like school anyway, so it’s fine,” Flores said.

He is planning on getting an associate’s degree in business administration and then transferring to another school to earn his bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Many students were walking through the halls or sitting talking to friends while they waited for their next class on Wednesday, including Daniel Green, 19, of Winchester.

He was chatting with Daniel Sowers, 18, of Winchester.

Green, who is a sophomore, said he likes it at the school. He is, however, looking forward to the day he gets his associate’s degree in business administration.

To do that, he needs a biology class, which he is still working on getting into this semester.

Sowers is in his freshman year and undecided as to his course of study. He said he thinks he wants to do something in the medical field.

“It was a little rough this morning. I forget my pencils,” Sowers said about getting up for his first day of college.

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