WINCHESTER — The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t know when the DMV location at 4050 Valley Pike (U.S. 11) in Frederick County will reopen.

Since being ordered by the governor to close on March 18 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many DMV locations have reopened, but the Frederick County site remains shuttered to the public.

Virginia DMV Public Relations and Media Liaison Jessica Cowardin said in a Monday email to The Star that while there isn’t an official date to reopen the DMV in Frederick County, “We have made significant strides in restoring service in surrounding areas.”

As of Monday, 38 of the DMV’s 75 customer service centers have reopened for specific services by appointment only. Three of those are within 45 miles of the Winchester location: Front Royal (21 miles), Leesburg (44.2 miles), and Woodstock (26.6 miles). The Front Royal location is at 15 Water St, Front Royal. The Leesburg location is at 945 Edwards Ferry Rd NE, Leesburg. The Woodstock location is at 714 N Main St, Woodstock. Together, these offices have temporarily added 25 hours per week in extended hours for appointments.

Additionally, the Berryville Select office at 6103 Lord Fairfax Highway (15.3 miles from Winchester) and the Purcellville Select office at 109 N. Bailey Lane (32.3 miles from Winchester), are serving customers Monday through Friday.

In addition, DMV Connect, the department’s portable “DMV in a suitcase,” is offering specific services by appointment only in several areas of the state. To find out more about those visits, as well as open offices and appointment availability, visit

“... Our reopenings are contingent upon staffing, which consists of those who are assisting in nearby offices to support the temporarily extended hours, and the ability to outfit offices for safe operation,” Cowardin’s email said. “We also have to consider the needs of the state as a whole. We continue to reopen offices weekly and make additional appointments available daily.”

For reopening reminders and updates, visit:

— Contact Josh Janney at

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Our commie governor just wants control, someone needs to due him in!!!


The little emperor of Virginia is punishing our county because we voted Republican. Winchester, being full of lefties, overrode the rest of the county's vote.

Next November, there can be no excuses for anti-communists to fail to vote. Our republic depends on every one of us.


We're talking about the DMV here....not global reach politics. Lighten up, Leroy.


Ali, my wife died February 21, 2020. Thanks to the Richmond, I still have not been allowed to hold the funeral. So don't tell me to lighten up.


What a moron. You're not anti-communist. You barely know what communism is besides a random pejorative.


Commie? not quite.

And what does "due him in" mean? Shoot him?


and the bville location isn't even a full service dmv, once the full service does open up it's going to be full on madness.


For the Berryville DMV location, you better get in line early. They are lined up outside already at 6:15 am, and it gets long! Bring a chair, an umbrella, and snacks. Seriously.

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