On Tuesday, Virginia held a statewide Democratic Primary for nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Former governor Terry McAuliffe won his party’s nomination for governor, state Del. Hala Ayala won the nomination for lieutenant governor and incumbent Mark Herring won the nomination for attorney general.

Following are local primary results (mail-in ballots will be accepted until noon Friday as long as they are postmarked by June 8):

Note: Elizabeth Guzman dropped out of the lieutenant governor race prior to Tuesday’s primary, but her name still appeared on the ballot.

Frederick County

2,753 of the county’s 61,955 registered voters participated in the primary. Here’s how they voted:


Terry McAuliffe, 1,369 votes or 49.73% of the vote.

Jennifer McClellan, 267 votes or 9.7%.

Jennifer Carroll Foy, 440 votes or 15.98%.

Lee J. Carter, 86 votes or 3.12%.

Justin Fairfax, 60 votes or 2.18%.

Lieutenant governor

Hala S. Ayala, 1,025 votes or 37.23%.

S. “Sam” Rasoul, 499 votes or 18.13%.

Andria McClellan, 265 votes or 9.63%.

Elizabeth R. Guzman, 154 votes or 5.59%.

Sean A. Perryman, 197 votes or 7.16%.

Mark Levine, 451 votes or 16.38%.

Xavier JaMar Warren, 77 votes or 2.8%.

Attorney general

Jerrauld C. “Jay” Jones, 808 votes or 29.35%.

Mark Herring, 1,838 votes or 66.76%.

Clarke County

Clarke County had 506 of its 11,771 registered voters participate in the primary. Here’s how they voted:


Terry McAuliffe, 484 votes or 68.85%.

Jennifer McClellan, 63 votes or 8.96%.

Jennifer Foy, 129 votes or 18.35%.

Lee Carter, 15 votes or 2.13%.

Justin Fairfax, 12 votes or 1.71%.

Lieutenant governor

Hala S. Ayala, 260 votes or 38.29%.

Sam Rasoul, 124 votes or 18.26%

Andria McClellan, 81 votes or 11.93%.

Elizabeth Guzman, 41 votes or 6.04%.

Sean Perryman, 54 votes or 7.95%.

Mark Levine,108 votes or 15.91%.

Xavier JaMar Warren,11 votes or 1.62%.

Attorney general

Jerrauld “Jay” Jones, 178 votes or 25.72%.

Mark Herring, 514 votes or 74.28%.


In Winchester, 1,101 of its 17,860 registered voters participated in the primary. Here’s how they voted:


Terry R. McAulliffe, 682 votes or 63.72%.

Jennifer L. McClellan, 111 votes or 10.22%.

Jennifer Carroll Foy, 217 votes or 19.98%.

Lee Carter, 41 votes or 3.78%.

Justin Fairfax, 25 votes or 2.3%.

Lieutenant governor

Hala Ayala, 402 votes or 38.25%.

Sam Rasoul, 229 votes or 21.79%.

Andria McClellan, 97 votes or 9.23%.

Elizabeth Guzman, 46 votes or 4.38%.

Sean Perryman, 72 votes or 6.85%.

Mark Levine, 163 votes or 15.51%.

Xavier JaMar Warren, 42 votes or 4%.

Attorney general

Mark Herring, 752 votes, or 70.81%.

Jerrauld C. “Jay” Jones, 310 votes, or 29.19%.

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