LaRock’s fearful agenda

Del. Dave LaRock, who is supposed to represent all individuals in the 33rd District in the House of Delegates, speaks to the non-discrimination policies schools for LGBT students. He is against the policies that make safe environments for LGBT students in schools because it is against his religious and moral beliefs and that LGBT students are more prone to self-harm.

First, if he presented the whole picture regarding students harming themselves, the studies do conclude this is more likely because of the stigma and discrimination they face in school. The website YOUTH.GOV states that strategies for improving mental health and preventing self-harm include: 1) Providing safe and supportive environments among family and peers; 2) enact legislation to protect the safety of LGBT students; and 3) build community awareness and capacity to understand and address stressors that LGBT students experience.

It seems to me our local schools are trying to do this, and he should support the mental-health initiatives for LGBT students, especially because they are children.

The other statement Mr. LaRock made was that the views of people who don’t support LGBT rights are more important than those who do. Back in the 1800s people espoused similar so-called moral and religious arguments opposing the abolition of slavery, and in the 1900s when women worked for equal rights.

It seems that our government representatives should be focused on making life better for all citizens, not espousing division and hate.

Karen Ridings Winchester

Karen Ridings


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Are we to then encourage suicide and sickness? The LGBT lifestyle certainly does have much higher rates of suicide and sexual disease, but that is alright according to this writer. Well she ignores it. Lets all engage in negative behavior and glory in it since it is politically correct to do such. Lets ignore the facts and suppress such research and let our children do what ever they want and keep mum about it. Child molestation is just fine if it is done for an LGBT cause.

Spock Here

You and LaRock are perverted old men. You cannot equate child molestation with what consenting adults do you sick freak. And what I said to your hateful rant the other day: You and rockhead should pursue things that might be good for this country, like, doing a food or clothing drive maybe "Loud and vocal" and wanting "their rights." Sparky once again shows us exactly why the LGBT community needs equal rights protections. He has come to the conclusion that TA DA being gay is a mental illness, all gay people need sex so badly they go out and recruit. They are molesters, pure and simple, no doubt traumatized at a young age. He also assumes promiscuity, which maybe was true before the Sparkys of this world were found to be …. lacking in intellect. He describes a lifestyle that could also be attributed to straight singles, and adulterers. He has no clue that gay marriage is a commitment to one person, just like any other marriage. Some work, some don't. Here's a clue Sparks, It is not "political correctness" to "treat others as you would want to be treated" know, the golden rule. Some would even say "humanely" and mean it. This uneducated diatribe from the 1950s was , as your promiscuous, adultering, racist, criminal hater in chief, would say "nasty." Best get back under your rock.


There's no need to single out specific groups when talking about discrimination. Bullying and discrimination is wrong, period, and should not be tolerated. Singling out specific groups and individuals just stigmatizes them more.

Spock Here

In principle yes. But when specific groups are targeted for being something "different" like gays, blacks, muslims, Christians, women, jews, rednecks, etc.


I'm targeted for "White Privilege" and Male Chauvinism. Where's my special group sticker? We're all in this together, targeting specific groups for more protection just further divides us.

Spock Here

Your groups are very narrow, more like "behaviors" in the case of male chauvinism, something you can change. I just really hope that wanting people to be protected should not divide us. The reason we are all in it together is because we are all human beings

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